Sunday, May 31, 2009

Struggling Through a Work Weekend

How to get through a work weekend at the hospital:

1. Try to get all home tasks done before your Friday shift
(miserably failed at this one this weekend)

2. Avoid thinking, dwelling and obsessing about the weekend before the weekend

3. Find out what your husband's plans are for the weekend.

4. Give husband strict instructions about house cleanliness codes if he has people over while you are gone.

5. Try not to feel bad that your kids are dancing around excitedly because you are going to be gone. They love you, they just like to have a little more room in your bed.

6.When you are at work, wishing that you could devote more time and attention to your job, remember "for everything there is a season".

7. Daydream about being an ED nurse when you hear a trauma called over the loudspeaker.

8. Refuse to acknowledge the state of your house. You can clean it next week.

9. Make sure you have plenty of starbursts!

10. Everyhour remember how much money you just made and make a list of things to buy

just 8 more hours...


The Three 22nds said...

oh...on # 10 I actually mean that I think "my money this shift is for vacation", or "just think. I bought groceries for the entire month!"

I used to do that all the time when I would babysit too...

Lesley said...

Sounds like you've been busy! And your vacation sounded like a ton of fun!

I am sad to say that I have not been able to go on my trial run yet. I've been thinking about it constantly but there are two things I desperately need before I can do it and that is a sports bra and running shoes. I was all set to buy them and then some expenses came up here and now I have to wait a bit longer. I was really bummed because I had my route all mapped out, a running and swimming schedule planned, and I was raring to go! There were many times I thought about going for a run without those two items but decided that probably wasn't a good idea and I'd probably pay for it later in the form of injuries -- like if I dug out an old pair of Nike's I wore playing volleyball in college. Actually, that probably wouldn't be so bad but as for not having a sports bra, well...not so sure about that. :)

So I have decided to just keep swimming until I can start adding running to my routine. I made it to the Y to swim every other day for the entire month of May except for a couple times when my husband had a change in his work schedule and I went more than a day in between workouts. I've also been doing crunches and some strength training stuff at home.

I am really anxious to get out and run, though and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes when I do! :)