Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've Got a Case of Preschool Mom Envy

We have chosen to homeschool our kids.

Noah would not have married me if I had not been willing to homeschool.

I am not going to back down.

We really feel like this is what is right for our family.

But sometimes I get a strong preschool mom envy.

I let my mind wander to what my life would be like if I had sent the boys to preschool.

And if I was sending Deacon to Kindergarten in the fall.

I would have 2-3 mornings a week in which to clean, do errands etc with LESS KIDS!

My, but that would be amazingly productive.

In the fall Deke would be gone every morning AND I wouldn't have to be fitting school in at home amongst the needs of 2 other children.

I am pretty sure my house would be cleaner.

I am pretty sure I would have more "me" time.

I am pretty sure I would have less complicated grocery excursions.

But you know what?

I like being home with them.

And I love teaching Deke about Abraham Lincoln.

And about Daniel Boone.

And that Texas Roadhouse isn't really the name of the state- it is a restaurant. It's just Texas, Deke.

And I will plod on. With toys all over the backyard, stacks of homeschool materials in the closets, American history in my head and an entourage in the grocery aisles.

I will try to let my preschool mom envy go.

I will try.


Rachel said...

I have this envy (along with stroller envy) on ocassion as well, but then I remember all the pick-ups and drop-offs involved. I'd go batty. Me time is no fun when it's spent driving (unless that's the only me time you get.)

Kim said...

I have pre-school mom envy, but mostly because most of them stay at home and I need to leave work four times every Tuesday and Thursday to make sure my son is in school. They leisurely pick up and drop off while I drop and run to get back to work. (I won't even get into the fact that my husband refers to the other preschool moms as the "Hot Moms", one more reason to be envious! (Jesus loves me just the way I am. Repeat 3 times as needed.))

Oooh, and Rachel, I totally have stroller envy.

Heather of the EO said...

I have homeschool mom envy. Tis true. There are reasons that I SHOULD NOT homeschool, although I'm sure there are many homeschooling families that think it's wrong to have any reasons at all. But anyway, I really do wish that I could.

it's true that I maybe kind of sort of get kind of something done in the 2 hours Miles is away 2 times a week, but mostly I'm driving, starting something and then driving again. I don't know that any kind of mom ever does any kind of anything leisurely. I think all of our struggles are for contentment in whatever situation is right for our families, avoiding the grass is greener mentality. I know I struggle with it, anyway. And now I'm rambling...

gma Pam said...

Think of the days when it is nasty cold icy outside and the baby is sick and you are tired and in your green bathrobe and you don't have to pile everyone in the car to get the older one to preschool (and then drive home and then go back and pick him up and drive home again)but can let the baby sleep, and do what works!