Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Own Son, Buying into Commercialism

We have a sock drawer for the boys. Just one drawer with all the socks in it. They wear what fits. Or what doesn't fit as the case may be.

I am sure that will appall some of you.

But probably not as much as the fact that we have an underwear drawer too. Just one underwear drawer. They wear what fits. Or they don't wear any of it - to each his own, right?

Anyway, Deacon is getting bigger and the current socks in the sock drawer don't really fit him. To be perfectly honest, only 38% of the socks in the sock drawer currently have matches, and of those 38% only 23% of them actually properly fit anyone in the family.

I found some bigger socks stashed in the basement. One of them was a pair of Nike athletic socks. I gave those to him, stating that they were sports socks.

He has been wearing them for the last 3 days, and they stink.

I finally convinced him to take them off so that I could wash him. I told him that I would take them to the store and buy him some socks that fit him.

"ok Mom" he said. Then he pointed to the Nike symbol. "but I only want ones with this on them."


Noah and I are mostly anti brand name. We try not to be walking advertisements and we mostly buy off the clearance rack.

And now our 5 year old is requesting Nike socks??!!

Noah says no way will he get them. "We are a Hanes family" was his exact quote, I believe.

I am leaning toward buying them for him. He wears all garage sale/hand-me-downs, he needs new socks and well, bottom line is I am still traumatized that he says I am always saying "no".

What will happen?

Only time will tell.

Nike socks today, Abercrombie shirts tomorrow?

(or no shirts, whatever the case may be)...


joolee said...

I am sooo living in a parallel universe. One sock drawer, 38% matched, 27% fit, one underwear basket, wear what fits.....or doesn't. Some days my 2 year old just insists on wearing the size 6 underwear......HUGE! I DO, however, draw the line at no underwear. Then again, I have girls. But hey, it's summer now! Who needs socks and all the drama that goes with them? At our house it's currently "those are my flip flops!!!" season.

Auntie Kendy said...

You crack me up! I would like to be one of the Littles and live in your house! Your sock and underwear drawers are genius... I had two boys and a husband and sock envy for the newest pairs!
Now underwear, that was never an issue. They all had their favorite super heros or colors... no, not the husband!