Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Was Going to Be An Actual Post

Hi All!

I am 37 weeks pregnant today, and my friend who was due 2 weeks after me just had her baby today. I doubt that I will go early, but even if I am late, it is not that far away! I am having some reflux and say "ow" about 20 times when I get up in the morning because my hips threaten to give out on me...but once I am up I am doing ok!

We got new cabinets installed this weekend (pictures to come) and we have been busy with a bunch of other things too- both Christmas related and non-Christmas related. Oh, and of course, I have been walking like crazy because of this silly "210 miles before baby" plan I am on. In case you were wondering, I think I just finished mile 148.

Speaking of crazy, last night I was telling Noah that I wasn't sure if I was going to attempt to study for (and take) this big nursing exam during my maternity leave. He encouraged me to use the time to do it, which surprised me. I asked him about it and this is what I got back: "I know it is something that is important to you, and honestly, if it is not this you will get some other cockamamie idea in your head." Apparently, he thinks that having me busy studying for a test will keep me out of trouble, and will keep him from getting roped into another scheme. I do recall him begging me to go back to work when I was on maternity leave with Berean because I was getting too much sleep and driving him crazy. I doubt that will happen this time, however, because of the homeschooling and the fact that Berean is still so young and relatively needy.

Well, I was planning to write an actual post versus just an update, but it is currently midnight and I need to get some sleep...otherwise I will be falling asleep during the fifth reading of "Diego Saves the Sloths" tomorrow...

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