Friday, December 16, 2011

Contest Time!

This is actually going to be a prize-less contest. Honestly, I ran completely out of toilet paper yesterday, my list has about 10 large projects to accomplish in the next 10 hours AND I don't precieve that things will ease up all that much in the near future. Because of those things, please go ahead and guess in the contest, but do know there will be nothing but recognition for the winner!

Here are the questions:

1. When do you think baby #5 will be born?
2. How big will the baby be?
3. Boy or girl?
4. Name?

Just so you know...

*I have been induced 3/4 times after my due date (my date is 12/25 this time).
*My 3rd came on his due date.
*All 4 of the kids have ranged from 7 lb 10oz- 8 lb 5 oz.
*Our kids names are Deacon Christopher, Roman James, Lincoln Andrew and Berean Joyce. No "Mary", "John" or "Sarah" for us. Just so you know.

Guess away!

My coworkers are guessing that the baby will come today and that it is a girl...


Absolutely Fabulous Blair Girls said...

When? New Years Eve 10:00pm
Weight? 7lbs 8oz
Gender? Girl
Name? Eden Bethel (or Beth)

Just a shot in the dark. :-)

Elise said...

When - Dec 27th
Weight - 7lbs 9oz
Gender - Girl
Name - Tovin Christine

(Alethea talks a lot about Baby Tovin, not sure who she's talking about, but it seemed like as good a guess as any I could come up with!)

The Three 22nds said...

Wow Paula and Elise! You didn't pick out our girls name, but you both picked names that I would totally go fact, Eden was in the running except for my husband... What does Tovin mean anyway?

Jackie said...

When: 12/30
Weight: 8lbs 4oz
Gender: Boy
Name: Rillian

I'm actually hoping you have a girl, but Paula took my girl name guess, so I'll go with my guess for a boy.

Karla said...

When? January 7th
Weight? 7lbs 2oz
Gender- Girl
Name- something ending with a "n" and a middle name- Francis

I know that she probably won't be born on the 7th, but it would be cool. I have no idea about a always come up with cool ones...I like Christine (Elise idea- for a middle name)

Anonymous said...

Dec 24th midnight
8 pounds
Reuben Joseph or Judan Joseph

Genna said...

When: Dec 28th
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Gender: Boy
Name: Anakin

While I think Anakin would fit right into your family, I must say I do think Elise had a good idea the day she guessed Aladdin. :)

Grandma Debbie said...

I've put my entry into the family contest (no prize there either beyond bragging rights), but I'll enter here too.

December 28, 6lb 9oz, Girl, Sian (similar to Sean - pronounced Shan - rhymes with pan).

Alternate names:
Mohican (if it turns out to be a trendsetter, she/he can be the first of the Mohicans)
Obi Wan

Elise said...

Can't find a meaning for Tovin but Tobin apparently means 'God is Good'. Baby center does say that Tovin is a boys name... oops...

Katie said...

When - December 29
Weight - 7 lbs 14 oz
Gender - Girl
Name - Aloisa Francis

Aloisa mean "famous warrior" and if you have another girl this seems like a good meaning for her name to have :)