Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen Sinks are Not Overrated

You may have already realized this, but I am crazy.  Do I love chaos?  Do I embrace stress?  I am not sure. I do know that I do well under stress, and I get more done with deadlines.  Noah and I were talking last week about how close I was to completing my goal of walking 210 miles between 30-40 weeks of pregnancy.  I almost said what I was thinking, but then thought better of it.
He knew what I was going to say and challenged me to say it.   Secretly I don't want the baby to come until after the due date so that I can finish the 210 miles.
That is crazy.

 Here is a little picture of Baby Fett.  Berean wanted skim milk today because it had a pink cap.  Berean repeats most of what we say, thinks that pooping is peeing and has pooped on the potty 4 times and peed on the floor numerous times.  Apparently  #63 on my "70 things to do before baby" list is not something I am going to be able to control.  She spills milk on the floor just so she can clean it up.  We all love her, but she is definitely giving us a run for our money this month.
 Here is a picture of our beautiful new cabinets.  It is amazing how much storage they are going to give us.  I say going to, because right now they just have random stuff stashed in them while the rest of the kitchen is under construction.  January's project will be to organize them.
 Last Friday night we started the tile countertop and backsplash project.  We were supposed to meet with our small group, but we had declined because of this project.  Last minute everyone else backed out of small group, so our friends Matt and Becki called and came over and brought pizza.  Matt helped Noah get a start on the project and Becki, Cole and I wrapped some presents.  I love working with friends, and I gotta tell you the fudge that they brought over has really helped me out this week :)
 Early in December the "Santa Parade" lined up in front of our house to begin their rounds.  Berean learned how to say "fire truck" and now thinks that anything larger than a mini van is also a fire truck.
 It was an impressive (and loud!) sight!
 I put together sand art brownies for the boys teachers.  For being homeschooled, they sure have a lot of teachers!  Yes, I was up quite late curling ribbons, but it was fun to make something pretty and crafty.
Deacon was in "GT and the Halo Express: Ticket to Christmas".  The whole group did a wonderful job, Deacon showed skill in singing and choreography, and it is my all time favorite Christmas drama.  What could be better than that?  (yes, I am not a huge Christmas music person, but I love the songs on that cd).

What else is going on?  Well, Saturday our soon-to-be BIL James came over and helped Noah work on tiling the countertops.  It was a big help, because as Noah says, "I love working with you, babe, but James- he understands the metric system."  sigh.  The metric system is one thing (to my shame) that I seem completely unable to grasp.  Saturday evening we hosted Deacon's "kid" party at our church.  Thankfully it was at our church because we had 13 boys there ages k-3rd grade and it was crazy.  Some of the dads stayed and they all had fun playing dodge ball, eating, watching a movie and than playing more dodge ball.

Sunday, Noah worked more on the tiling and removed the kitchen sink.  It is not an easy thing to take care of a house, be 9 months pregnant and keep 4 children fed without a kitchen sink.  Just sayin'.  I have only had 1-2 near panic attacks in the 48 hours we have been sinkless.  Noah is quite helpful when I am about ready to lose it saying things like, "stop it right now."  That sounds mean, but it actually is quite effective in helping me to buck up and just deal with the situation.  After all, I asked for the countertops.

Monday night we hosted Deacon's extended family party without the sink.  Let's just say there won't be any more parties at my house until I have a sink.  The oven has also been out of place and the microwave and dishwasher are no longer usable either.  Noah thinks maybe Christmas Eve I will have everything back.

Tonight's plan is to finish wrapping presents and get my room and some stacks of papers in order.  Every night before I go to bed I look around and feel panicky...if I were to go into the labor during the night I would be leaving the house in a very disorganized state.  Tonight I am hoping to feel better about things when I go to bed.  Good night!


Karla said...

You are crazy! It looks really good so far! Love you!

Thia said...

Oh my! I hope it's all put back together soon! What's done does look good though!