Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Video "Vader Did You Know"

One of my friends posted this on facebook...check out this video if you love Star Wars!

What is your favorite line?

(personally I like, "Obi Wan would be his next door neighbor". As Noah says, "that is a prime example of searching for a rhyme and coming up with something awesome").


Elise said...

"The son whose hand you cut off, will someday cut off yours" - that's my favorite part. 'Mary did you know' was never my favorite song, but I'm pretty sure I'll have a hard time listening to it with a straight face ever again. Sort of like the times a friend in college sang me "I will drink beer" to the tune of Steven Curtis Chapman's "I will be here."

Jackie said...

I'm not a SW fan, but that made me laugh. I personally like "the son whose hand you cut off will one day cut of yours." Hilarious.

Karla said...

haha...I don't know but I agree with Elise...hopefully I won't start singing it the wrong way:)

Johanna said...

oh my gosh, I love parodies! I also love making nerdy, ridiculous rhymes! but I'm not great at it, so I love it when other people do all the work and post it on youtube so I can enjoy it! :)

gma pam said...

2 years ago, I would not have given this parody the time of day...grandchildren broaden your world in more ways than one!

Grandma Debbie said...

My favorite lines:

Did you know your infant son also has a sister ... did you know he was unaware of that the time he kissed her?

... you'll replace that other guy?

Vader know did you?

I actually like the song 'Mary did you Know' and don't think this will ruin it for me. Not like 'We Three Kings' smoking on a rubber cigar.