Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Banana Lasagna

The boys checked out a movie from the library, Nickelodeon's Barnyard or something. It stars a cow/bull named Otis with a male voice but an udder. I'm confused. I don't think it's a "progressive" [trans-bovine?] thing, but I guess I don't now. Shudder. I suppose I should check it out.

According to the Nickelodeon interweb, "Otis is a cow with charisma...Ultimately, he's a good cow who cares about his friends...and even the farmer. " [emphasis is mine]

Julie's grandpa Andy, the dairy farmer, would have a few words with the show creators about that.

Why was I telling you all of this?

Oh yeah.

Apparently in one of the episodes, there is a monkey and they bribe him with banana lasagna.

The boys thought this was hilarious.

But now my wheels were turning.

So I was going to to come to you all for suggestions. I had some ideas: layers of 'Nilla Wafers, pudding, whipping cream, bananas, maybe some yellow cake...

But then I got to thinking, "This is 2011. This is the age of the internet. Someone out there has done this." Sure enough, a search for "banana lasagna" turns up almost 2200 hits, most of which look like recipes. They star things that I had thought, plus ingredients like pound cake, strawberries, Cool Whip, etc.

But the most interesting recipe was from Puerto Rico, and was an actual lasagna with ground beef, onions, green pepper, spices, cheese...and fried plantains
[big bananas, or are they little bananas, or is that just another name for a banana? I'm really confused right now].

Sounds weird.

Sounds like something I'd try.



Jackie said...

I actually think the recipe looks kind of interesting. I'd eat it, but then again I've eaten lots of weirder things (rattlesnake, camel, bugs on a stick...). I'm pretty sure you can get plantains at Cub. I wouldn't try it with bananas, though--they'd turn to mush.

Laura H. said...

I love plantains and that picture looks amazing. My roommate used to make me Puerto Rican food regularly but that one is new to me. It kind of makes me want to try it! I can already imagine what it must taste like. I wonder if they used green or ripe plantain...that's the difference between salty or sweet.

Karla said...

Noah speaks from experience...poor Grandpa and Grandma had NO idea what he was talking when he got home and talked about "cows" he had seen!

Your Dad said...

Please don't invite me when you make it.

The Chef said...

The recipe in the link used plantains that had started to turn in order to maximize sweetness.

I won't invite you over, but you might miss the greatest thing since the invention of crumbled ground beef.

gma pam said...

If you make it, I will eat it.
Hey, let's make a banana themed meal...a banana fruit salad, your main dish banana lasagna and then I'll make a banana lasagna dessert. Do you think that banana bread would be over-kill? Think of the fun we could have with this!! I'm thinking of decorations, party games, even cow and monkey costumes,too!

Grandma Debbie said...

Perhaps Otis is masquerading as a cow. That udder looks pretty suspect.

Grandma Pam's comment reminds me of the time we had the dressed banana party. I recall a beautifully dressed 'Scarlett Banana' with a wide-brimmed hat. I believe those bananas ended up in banana splits.

Elise said...

Yum! Invite me over please! A plantain is more starchy and less sweet than a banana, so it's a little like adding potato to a lasagna, which isn't that weird really.

Human guys have nipples, maybe bulls do too. He could just be a bull with big nipples... :-)

Karla said...

Nope Elise...I don't think that is the case:)
Debbie- I remember the banana dress up party too...who came up with that idea?