Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Visit

Lincoln inspecting Everyn
 Everyn was born at 1855 on Monday.  The other kids were at my parents and ended up spending the night there.  Tia Erica even took them to McDonalds.  I was pretty miserable Monday night- very nauseous and dizzy, so we decided to wait until Tuesday to have the other kids come visit.

On a side note my heart rate has been in the 40s to low 50s the whole time I have been here.  I don't know if that is my new baseline and I just hadn't known before, or if this is something new.

Noah stayed until after midnight since I was feeling so sick.  The hospital I was at with the middle 3 really encouraged babies to go to the nursery so the moms could rest.  This facility is more into Mom/baby bonding and does not encourage the use of the nursery as much.

Roman laughing
 The first thing Lincoln said when he walked into the room and saw the baby was, "she is much smaller than Berean".  I am not altogether sure what he was expecting.  He was moderately interested in the baby, but probably still most interested in his new Leapster he got for Christmas.

Roman was very interested in Everyn initially, but he soon  moved on to asking if he could "turn on the telly" (yes, he thinks it is cool to call the tv the "telly").  He also became interested in taking pictures of everything and everyone in the room.

Lincoln and Everyn

Leapster and Cheerios

Deacon wanted to hold the baby and was heard to say, "there is just something about newborn babies that make me want to just look at them."

Everyn and I are looking forward to getting home to everyone and  getting back into a routine.  Sitting around for 48 hours is a hard thing to do!  Thankfully I have a book, my laptop and the "telly" to keep me busy.  (oh, and of course the baby, but she is under going bili-light therapy so I am not supposed to be messing with her that much.)

The whole family- wow, that is a lot of people!


Karla said...

thanks for the update and more pictures!!! I was waiting for one with Berean holding her...I agree with Deacon there is something about newborns that make you just want to look at them!

Matthew LaBerge said...

Congratulations on having another girl, you guys are crazy insane for having that many kids!

Elise said...

But what did Berean think?! Cute pictures! Can't wait to meet Everyn this weekend.

Jamie said...

Hey, I just saw your news! Congratulations! I am so excited you had another girl! Definitely looks like a keeper...

The Three 22nds said...

Berean is very interested in the baby now, but was afraid of her in the hospital. She has been talking a lot more since we got home: "baby nose?", "baby hand?" "What is that thing?". Of course she is obsessed with Everyn's pacifier and her glow worm light...

Sally said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby! Sorry to hear that it was kind of traumatic - hope everything is going better for you now.

I have to say, though, I think you're lucky to have a hospital with a nursery. At the hospital where I had my kids, the nursery was only for sick babies. After my c-section, I couldn't sit up(or stop throwing up) and when I asked if someone could take care of mine (husband was sent home b/c visiting hours were over), they looked at me askance and said, "Well, I guess we can bring him out and he can sit at the nurse's station if you really need us to..." The next night there was another mom and baby in the room and so my baby and hers were doing call and response all night and I got NO sleep. They also said that I had to bring my baby into the bathroom with me (I barely fit, much less the crib) or leave the door open (in a shared room? Yeah...).

But let my baby go sit at the nurse's station? That sounded like a bad idea to me, so we just stayed in and listened to the babies scream all night. Stupid hippie California!

The Three 22nds said...


That is horrible! I can't believe they made Jon go home! Both of the hospitals I have had babies at here have only private rooms- I would hate sharing a room! They let dads stay all night too.

Basically both hospitals will let the babies be in the nursery as much as you want them to be, the first facility though pushes it more than the current one. It is nice to get alittle sleep in at the hospital though, especially if you are not feeling well. After my c-section (at the first facility) I was so nauseous and miserable I don't even know if they would have let me keep the baby (for safety) even if I had wanted to, unless Noah was there with me.

I guess I should be glad I haven't had 5 babies in California!