Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Snapshots

Valentine 2011 #1
Roman had a Valentine's party last week. I talked about the popcorn I had to bring in a previous post. I was all over the popcorn. It was on my list, it was on my radar.
What I forgot about were the Valentines.
As we left swimming lessons, heading into rock climbing, I suddenly remembered that he was supposed to bring Valentines for his class- his class which would be starting in 12 hours. We still had to rock climb, drive home, get everyone to bed, sleep, get up and drive to class.
No time for Valentines.
Noah offered to stop and pick some up.
I hadn't purchased any because I was planning to help Roman lovingly create Valentines for each of his classmates with his own two hands. I had visions of finding a super creative way to attach each sucker and they were going to be so cute.
I knew all of this even though I really actually didn't have any ideas at all.
I told Noah that no, I didn't want him to pick any up and that I would take care of it.
We got home and I lovingly created Valentines for each of his classmates with my own two hands.

They turned out well and actually took less time than going to the store, and certainly less money!
Valentine 2011 #2

Deacon had basketball practice on Valentine's Day and I came up with the idea of making heart cookies for the kids on his team, and decorating each one with each kid's name and jersey number.

Of course I made the mistake of telling him that I was going to do this, so I had to follow through.

The cookies turned out pretty cute, and even though I was labeled an "over achieving mom with too much time on her hands" by some other parents, it was still fun to make them.

I excitedly asked Deacon how the kids had liked the cookies. He said they liked them. I pressed him a little further (sometimes he gives me way more info than I ever wanted, and sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get anything.) He finally stopped what he was doing, looked up at me and said, "Mom- you gave them cookies with their names and numbers on them. Who wouldn't like that?"

And he is right, you know, who wouldn't like that?

My friend asked me if I had made one for Noah.


Valentine 2011 #3

Speaking of Noah.

You know, I really married a sweet guy. My watch has had a dead battery for a couple of months. I depend on my watch a lot and it is quite annoying to me to not have it working and on my wrist. I have tried to take it a couple places but no one would replace the battery because it is a Fossil brand watch and needs to be replaced at the Fossil Store.

Anyway, on Valentine's Day Noah took it all the way to the far-away-difficult-to-get-to-with-four-kids-in-tow Fossil store and got my battery changed.

Yeah, Noah!

Tonight I was late getting home and I made him late for broomball.

I hate it when he is late and he makes me late.

He was nice to me anyway.

Sorry, I was late, Babe.

Thanks for loving me, anyway.


No hard feelings said...

I bought you and the boys a loaf of cinnamon bread for breakfast.

Because we have no peanut butter and jelly.

I guess I could have bought pb&j.

But i didn't.

I bought cinnamon bread.

The Three 22nds said...

but we do have peanut butter and jelly. I bought them yesterday. We will eat the cinnamon bread anyway. Except for Lincoln. He will eat jelly. Thanks!

Elise said...

Roman's valentines are very cute and I agree with Deacon, I don't know anyone who wouldn't like a cookie with their name on it. :-)

Johanna said...

valentines day is so sweet! I really don't join the camp of all the people bitter about v-day or anti the commercialism of it. I mean, it totally is super-commercialized, but I think you can still make it really sweet. I usually forget to give anyone anything though. I was thankful that I don't join the bitter camp--the day after v-day I heard more than 2 or 3 times people on the radio talking about "now, yesterday may have been a really hard day for you..." etc. :( Maybe next year I could try and make one of those people a valentine...so that it wouldn't be as hard of a day for them...maybe. :) oh, ps, LOVE Roman's valentines!!