Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Through a series of events I came into possession of a shocking pen.
I had mentioned the "pen" to Noah and told him how easy it was to get shocked because it was so compelling and so pretty that you just had to try to activate it.
Over the weekend I was emptying out my bag and came across the pen.
I tossed it in front of Noah, who was sitting at the supper table.
"Oooo..Shiny..." he actually said and reached for it.
All of a sudden he dropped it and got a sheepish look on his face.
"I can't believe I did that, " he said.
The kids wanted to know what was up and I gave them a brief explanation: that pushing the button would hurt.
We prayed for our meal, but I knew the whole time that Roman's fingers were itching.
If there is a button, Roman will push it.
If there is a switch, Roman will flip it.
If there is a crank, Roman will pull it.
Sometimes I look at him and see how hard he is trying not to touch something, but it is as if his hand is not willing to be controlled by his mind.
He grabbed the pen. I told him to go ahead, if he wanted to, but that I was warning him it wouldn't be pleasant.
He pushed it and got a shock.
He laughed nervously.
He pushed it again and got another one.
He laughed.
But did not try anymore.
Deacon tried it.
He was amused.
And tried again.
Lincoln tried it and wanted to keep doing it.
The energy and excitement in the room grew.
This was thrilling, this was dangerous, this was exciting!
Noah and I just thought it hurt.
Apparently, though, we have 3 boys who love to be scared. To get a rush. To feel the adrenaline.
To take a risk.
Great. What next?


peter said...

dunno but potato canons can't be far off!

Don'tcallmeAngie said...

Ha ha that was totally me as a kid. I had to push the buttons and turn the dials and even mess with any zippers. I set a bad example to my siblings and a couple of them were the same way.

The adrenaline thing not so much. But good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Motorcycle crash

Thia said...

Not sure what IS next, but at least the pen has given you the insight into their personalities in a new way and you can be more prepared than before????