Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deacon and His Future Wife

Last night Deacon told me that I was hot. I explained to him that "hot" wasn't a word that you used to describe your mother. He seemed confused because I had earlier tried to explain to him that when someone called a girl "hot" it meant she was pretty. Noah ruined any progress I had made by coming into the room and saying, "what is the problem? you are hot!"
Whatever. Men.
Last week Deacon was complaining about his schoolwork. He wanted to know why it was necessary to learn math etc, etc. I gave him reasons about every job and life in general requiring a person to be able to do basic math. Finally he said, "maybe I will just do what you do mom- stay home with the kids all day and I will just have my wife go to work."
Of course I went on to tell him how much math I use in a day, just taking care of the house, the groceries etc (not to mention my job in which I use lots of math all the time!) and then mentioned that maybe he should let his wife stay home- that would prehaps be the unselfish thing to do.
He said, "I suppose if we had a baby she should be home, otherwise the baby will just want her all day anyway."
I think we will keep addressing these topics as he gets older.


substitute teacher said...

I was just explaining yesterday, again, why math and reading are important, even if one doesn't "like" them.

Karla said...

Deacon is such a thinker!