Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They Make Me Laugh

Lincoln has been asking me every morning "Mom, what day it is?" I will tell him, "Thursday" (or whatever). He then repeats it, "mmm...ursday? ok."
I don't know if it means something to him, or if he just likes to ask...
We were at my parent's house the other day and Berean was crawling around and found a small piece of white tissue paper. The next thing we know she had it in her hand and was pretending to wipe her fully clothed butt with it! It was so funny! It floors me that she made the association between the tissue paper and a wipe and then actually decided to demonstrate that she knew what to with it! The boys imitated commercials and super heroes, but never really imitated household chores/tasks.

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gma pam said...

The blue is hard to least for my eyes, and you don't want anyone to miss what it said.(especially this one!)I like white the best.
She looked pretty proud of herself as she demonstrated the best way to wipe! Too bad her little arm was too short to reach all the way back! That was the cutest!