Saturday, February 19, 2011

More On Time Management

Here is the link to my friend Jackie's time management experiment. Jackie is also a work part time/home part time mom and I appreciated her insights into her day. I especially liked how she talked about no week being "normal".

That is true, isn't it? I always say, "oh, well this week is crazy because of X, next week will be different." But it isn't true. Last week Noah volunteered at Bible quizzing, I had to do the Valentine's stuff and made my neighbor a meal. This week it won't be those things, but I have an all day class for work, some MD appts and we have ended up spending a lot more time commuting/shoveling due to a snowfall.

It is always something.

On Sunday our pastor preached on Malachi. He talked about tithing our time as well as our money. This was challenging for me to think about. Noah and I place high priority on our volunteer work and our "servant"work. Sometimes I think it is easy to get tired when thinking about tithing, but just like tithing our money, I have renewed confidence that as a Christian I should be tithing my time both in spending time studying the Bible and praying but also in ways of service. There are 168 hours in my I/can I spend 16.8 of them in service/communion to/with God? That is the next question for me to look closely at.

Speaking of time 4 night blitz at work is over, I have had a little sleep and now is the time to tackle household chores with a vengeance!

P.S. Lincoln is doing incredible work with his speech (even his therapist is amazed!) we add an extra session a week in March and hope to see a ton of improvement!

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