Monday, February 28, 2011

Conversations At Our House

We went to Culver's after church yesterday with some friends. Our Culvers is next door to a hotel and some soccer fields. As we were leaving Deacon said, "what is the hotel for?" Noah answered that he is sure they get a lot of business during the soccer tournements.

Deacon thinks for 1/2 second and then says, "would you say then, that this Culvers does the best business of any Culvers because of the soccer fields?"

Noah replied that he thinks they probably do get more business during the soccer tourneys and that he is sure that helps, but that he did not have enough information to say whether or not it did the best of all Culvers locations everywhere.

But that is our Deacon. Always striving for the biggest, tallest, richest, best and oldest!

Or maybe it is all 7 year old boys everywhere.

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Elise said...

Funny post!

Maybe it's just an oldest child thing...