Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Staying in a Tipi. Or a Teepee.

Normally I wouldn't post so many pictures of a camping trip, but we were staying in a tipi. Which makes it slightly more interesting, doesn't it?
The floors were wood, not dirt

It was slightly cold.

And very buggy.

We did some geocaching.

Some members of the party (I want say names, just initials - Deacon and Roman)
quit before we achieved success.

Berean ended up here in the morning- both mornings, I might add.

Even though she started out up there in her bed, high above the rest of us.

Karla bringing in more stuff

Berean on the move. Only she doesn't actually crawl, she just gets in position.

Our Tipi.

See the fly on Berean's head? That was the story of the trip. Flies, flies, flies.
(we did get it off of her)

The boys amused themselves by taking pictures

In the back of the van.
All the way home.
There was a lot to delete.
The end.


Karla said...

I even delated some before you got to them...but it kept them happy...so what can you say...

Johanna said...

FUN trip! But I hate flies-they're running rampant in NM too..ugh