Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Pictures

Noah, Berean and I just got back from a very nice mini vacation.
The boys just got back from their grandparents.
When we arrived to pick them up, Deacon ran straight to Berean without even a glance toward me. Immediately he was babytalking and telling her how much he loved her.

I gave Roman a hug and told him I had missed him. He said, "well, I missed Berean".

I am glad they love their sister.
And I am glad that they don't cling on me.
But, really, where is the love?

Deacon did say later that he was glad to see us. So I guess that will have to do.

Now, without further ado, here are some pictures of Roman's cakes. Speaking of cakes, have you seen that show about the cake decorators? I am so glad that we don't have cable, because if we did, between watching the cake-making drama and learning about ancient Egypt- I would get nothing done.

This is the Ewok cake that I made for his "big parent party"

He requested the head for his portion.

And this is the penguin cake. I went to all the work of making a penguin, and then they decided that I should add the duplo penguins too. I got the impression that I could have just made a blue cake with the 2 duplo penguins on it and they would have been just as happy.

But I probably wouldn't have been.


Elise said...

Hey Julie - love the cakes. Speaking of cake shows though, you should have seen the one where they made a cake for a fire department and they made the cake look like a burning building with smoke pouring from the top! Maybe you could try that for Deacon's birthday! :-)

LS said...

Beautiful and you just proved yourself wrong on the whole sidebar disclaimer. I think you really are a crafty/cooking homeschooling mom sometimes!

Karla said...

I love it!

The Three 22nds said...

Elise- those cake people are incredible. Of course they do have very nice tools and all day to work on cakes without children harassing them...and they have shirts with words like "fondant" and "buttercream" across them, which are just super cool. I want one.

LS- sometimes I can be crafty. I guess :)

Karla - thanks. Miss you!

Elise said...

Check out this link for pictures of the coolest R2D2 cake ever brought to you by Food Network's 'Ace of Cakes'


Dotti said...

Just dropped by your page, you have beautiful kids :)

Hugs from Norway!