Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's a Girl!

Before I had Berean I said that if she was a girl, I was still going to let her wear some of the boy's old clothes. And I do.
At night.
I didn't think it would bother me if people thought she was a boy.
It does.
So she wears pink by day.

and blue by night.

But people still often refer to her as a "him"

even in hot pink frilly socks.

Don't people know that you shouldn't assign gender to babies?

It might make them mad.

But it will probably just annoy their mommies.


Thia said...

My youngest wears a lot of green and yellow because that is what I have for the first few months. We didn't know what the first baby was going to be until after she was born, so at the shower we got greens and yellows. I save the few pink/purple outfits she has for going out. And yes, she still gets called "he." My son got called "she." By now, with my fourth, it just doesn't really bother me. I shake my head and move on.

Dad said...

That's my slide girl! Frankly, I think she should wear not-pink more often.

Elise said...

So funny. I was just going to write a post about this same topic because two times recently I've had Alethea out in an obviously girly outfit and had sales people in stores refer to her as a "he". What is it about bright pink that doesn't tip people off? Sigh. My poor bald baby.

Karla said...

she is so cute:)

Johanna said...

i didn't start enjoying pink until a few years ago and people didn't seem to be confused about whether I was a must just be a baby thing. :)