Monday, September 20, 2010

40 Penguin Cookies

Sorry about the last post- apparently I can't write coherent sentences at 0200.

I have a lot of news to report and not a lot of time (sound familiar?), so we are going to bullet it up.

*I took all 4 of the kiddos to both Lincoln's speech therapy and to Berean's 6 month checkup. Guess what? It went fine.

*fine except for the small incident where Lincoln pulled the help cord in the Doctor's office bathroom. And the nurse came running. But even that was fine.

*Berean is 16 pounds, 9 ounces and 6 months old. I was all concerned because she weighs less now than the boys did at 4 months. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said. "Would you rather have a big girl and dainty boys?" I quit talking.

*He did reassure me that she was proportional and looked fine. He also commented, "she seems like a really good baby. Babies like this make you want to have more." He is a very perceptive man.

*When a person decides to take 4 children to a "cake and candy" store, the person should really call first to make sure that they are open on Mondays.

*When pulling up to a "cake and candy" store on a Monday, a person should really take note of whether or not the lights are on in the store before unloading all the kids and approaching it.

*When the door remains locked on the "cake and candy" store even after pulling on it 6 times, it is better just to leave then to call out "why God, why?"

*My mom refers to my house as "the black hole". When things get brought here they don't leave and when people "stop by" they often get sucked into the chaos and end up "staying to help out". Some people are able to quickly escape, but they are clearly made of stronger stuff than most.

*My mom stopped over tonight to get some measurements of the boy-who-is-turning-5-this-week. I called her 3 times before she came to ask her to A) bring a duck cookie cutter to be reshaped into a penguin B)powdered sugar and C)black food coloring.

*She got sucked in and spent the evening making 40 penguin cookies for Roman's school tomorrow.

*Roman is the "Big Apple" at school. He is bringing Penguin cookies, his penguin costume and a book about a penguin.

*How theme-y is that?

*Thanks, mom for the help (and the company that was taller than 4 feet).


gma pam said...

It was fun to work together and get to talk a little with all the kids in bed (ha!)
Sorry, I disagree about the ones escaping made of stronger is the ones who dare to stay that are stronger!!
Anyways, I'm sure I'll be back!

Auntie Kendy said...

Hope the DVD I am borrowing you doesn't get sucked into the black hole!!!

Johanna said...

haha, I totally empathize with the continuing to plod toward disaster (i.e. the candy store). And definitely have been known to cry out "why?! why does this always happen to me!?!" because of course, it always does. and not to anyone else. and things never turn out the way I least, not that I remember when I'm in the moment. :) tell roman I totally want to come to his school and have penguin cookies!

Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Roman! (Just a day late, sorry!) Alethea is looking forward to your party tonight.