Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gotta Document

These people crack me up all day long:

The neighbor kid was over and he was talking to the baby. She was smiling, of course, because that is what she does. Deacon said, "Todd, she sure has taken a shine to you!"

where, oh where, did he hear that?

Today Deacon and I were reading a book. He made some comment about a word and I explained something that was apparently not what he was asking about. He said, "no Mom, I was referring to this word."

I love that he uses words like "referring" and I credit his Dad for his vocabulary.

Roman was describing a picture he saw of Jabba the Hutt. "He was blue, Mom. TOTALLY Blue."

"Totally?!" I responded, trying to match his enthusiasm.

He gave me a sideways look. "That means that he was ALL blue."

Thanks, Roman.

The other day I set Berean on the bed and turned to grab her clothes. She flipped herself over and slid off the bed. I saw it happen but wasn't quick enough to prevent it. She had a smile on her face, thinking it was a ride, until she hit the floor.

I walked downstairs with her and announced that Berean had fallen off the bed. Here is the conversation:

Me: "Well, guys, Berean just fell off the bed. I can't believe that she fell on MY watch."

Deacon (who did not look like he had been paying attention, suddenly perked up when he heard those words): "What, MOM? Do you mean to tell me that Berean fell off the bed when you were responsible for her?"

Me: "Yes, Deacon, she fell while she was my responsibility."

Deacon: "But Mom, didn't you put her in the middle of the bed- after all, the middle of the bed is the safest place for babies"

Me: "I know it is the safest place for babies, but I did not put her in the middle of the bed."

Deacon: "You mean that you put her on the edge of the bed?!?!? The edge of the bed is NOT a safe place for babies because they can fall off. Why didn't you put her in the middle of the bed which IS a safer place for a baby?"

Need I go on? He has been paying more attention to what I have been saying than I suspected.

And the jokes continue:

Deacon made up a new one (I am sure this isn't the first time it has been made up, but I don't think he has heard it anywhere). "What does a cat read in the morning?" A: "A catalog!"

Of course Noah had to jump in on the fun with his own brainmade joke: "What is a mushroom's favorite section of the paper?" "the spore-ts section".


I had started this post earlier and never finished it. We are now back from family camp where a good time was had my all. News to report:

*Berean's first tooth erupted. The reason I know this? I saw it in her mouth.
*We finally convinced Roman that he doesn't need his training wheels
*Deacon jumped off of the diving board into the lake and practiced diving off the raft
*Lincoln said Qui Gon Jing. Sort of.
*Noah was playing softball and hit a ball so far it landed in the middle of the volleyball court and almost landed on a small child.
*I put my hair in a ponytail because I forgot my hairbrush.
*Men do puzzles in a very strange way

Tuesday will be the day for new beginnings:
*start of the school year
*implementing earli(er) rising
*reimplementing strict exercise
*Berean will begin eating more than rice cereal
*I will begin the process of buying a new wardrobe. Maybe.

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Johanna said...

This is amazing! I find it absolutely hysterical when kids say things that you don't expect them to. Your kids are brilliant...and kinda hilarious! Though I do have to say the jokes could stand to improve a little...;) Keep the laughs coming, the stories brighten my days. :D