Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Roman!

Yesterday Roman turned 5.

I am planning to get around posting pictures of the penguin cookies, the penguin cake, and the Wicket W. Warrick cake...eventually.


I would love to do it now, but I need to be responsible and finish folding the 4 baskets of laundry. After all, tomorrow is another big day. At least that is what I tell the boys.

But in effort to post something, here are four little tidbits:

1. Deacon had gone upstairs to get Berean up from her nap. When they came down I asked if he had rescued her. "Did you hear her, Mom?" he said, "She was screaming like a mad chicken!"
I laughed and said, "Do you mean that she was mad as a wet hen?" Yep, that is what he meant :)

2. Roman made a new friend at school. He told me that he didn't know what her name was, because she hadn't told him and he hadn't asked. He then preceded to tell me that he did know how to spell her name, however: M-A-I-A. I told him how to pronounce it. I am not sure if he just remembered the letters or if he was trying to remember them so that he could ask someone what her name was.

3. Lincoln had his second phonological preschool today. He was very proud to show his brothers his classroom. He also said his verse for Cubbies last night. He is getting more talkative, and that is fun to see!

4. Berean can now successfully self-maneuver into a sitting position! We are all very thrilled for her :)

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