Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Months

Our baby girl is now 6 months. It has flown by and we can't imagine life without her. It is so fun to have a baby for the older kids to enjoy, and their enthusiasm over everything she does makes me experience every coo and movement in a whole new way.

I love all my kids, but I feel like I have been able to enjoy her the most. Deacon got a lot of attention, being the first, but I was a new mom in the middle of a move and I was a little obsessive about things at times :) I was so worried about Roman's reflux and his breathing all the time and so busy with 2 that I don't even really remember his babyhood. Lincoln was thrown into the mix and I remember even less about his infant stage. But Berean? I am really relaxed about her and I am just loving having a baby.

Have I mentioned that I love babies?

So here is a quick update:

*Cloth diapering. I cloth diaper during the day when we are home and use disposables at night and when we go out. It is a perfect combination to me. I love using the cloth, but I feel no guilt over taking a day off if I feel like it. My mom made me a bunch of all in ones and Noah really likes those :) And so do I.

*We have started Berean on some rice cereal and bananas. Sometimes she likes it and sometimes she doesn't.

*She gets up on all fours and rocks. She rolls. She likes to eat paper.

*She got her first tooth this week!

* I have no stats because I haven't taken her for her 6 month check up yet. I suppose I should make an appointment.

*She is sitting up to play now and seems to like that

*She is still sleeping well. She sleep from about 7:30-5:00 on average. Then she eats and goes back to sleep until about 7:30. She sleeps longer when Noah is the only one home. I think she somehow knows when I am not there. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night, but we let her cry and she just goes back to sleep. Then she naps from about 9:30-10:00 and again for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. If she has an early afternoon nap she will maybe conk out for another 15 minutes or so later in the afternoon.

In non Berean news, we still haven't heard back from the insurance about the speech therapy appeal. We were supposed to hear 5 days ago and haven't. I called them today and it is still in process. I am not sure what that means and what the consequence of them not having our appeal done by the "deadline" is. I will look into that I guess if it is a less than favorable outcome, but I guess for now I will let it play out.

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gma pam said...

I'm glad you like the diapers...they were a challenge to make!