Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Berean can now successfully inchworm across the rug and get whatever she wants.

Yesterday it was Qui Gon Jin's lego cloak.

I took it away from her and told the boys again that they need to keep their legos picked up.

Deacon took poor Qui Gon from me and said, "Mom, will the slob come out of this? And will it ever be normal again?"

Thank goodness "slob" dries, or we would all be one soggy mess over here.

Normal? Well, that is a question for another day...

Hoping to get a post up soon, but between homeschool continuing, coop classes starting, speech therapy resuming, L's preschool beginning, flag football, swimming lessons, gym and swim, Awana and a birthday week to plan- I am out of time!


Johanna said...

baby slobber is cute. adult drool is not. that's what i've decided. one of my clinical instructors talked about your personal 'ick' factor. some people can't handle vomit or diarrhea or pee or oozing wounds or body odor or whatever on patients. I really don't prefer drool...that's probably not fair, and honestly not one of the grossest, but apparently I don't decide based on normal human likes/dislikes. I did have a patient drool on my shoulder one day when I transferred him to a chair...I survived. Barely.

The Three 22nds said...


absolutely there is a personal "ick" factor.

I have worked with people that can't handle poop (although they get over that fairly quickly in the ICU), vomit, and drool. And wounds.

Mine is vomit. Although I am not a fan of the open wound either. And I REALLY HATE animal slobber.

This would be a great controversail Monday topic. I will do it next Monday- so if you are reading this, start thinking!