Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yeah, she's really pink

Easter Sunday
We got up early to get all 6 of us to church by 8 am.
We made it at 8:04
It was a nice Easter morning for me.
You see, I used to cajole the boys to get them to wear something nice.
Maybe a sweater vest
(even though I only really care if they are sweater vests on the inside)
Maybe something Kahki
(even though that means more visable dirt)
Maybe something with (Heaven Forbid) BUTTONs on it
(even though I would have to button them all myself)
Or maybe just something clean
(and maybe underwear? Just because it is Easter?)
But this year I have her. See how kindly she spit up on the bed NEXT to her dress and not on it? Wasn't that sweet?
I dressed her in the dress I wore when I was a baby

Complete with the sweater, bonnet and boots handcrafted by Great Grandma Joyce

And she even wore white tights! And they were only a little baggy. And she only got a little poop on them and it was after church.

So we were happy.
And the boys were happy too.
Roman were dirty cords over his pajamas
Lincoln wore a button down over his lightning McQueen shirt
and Deacon wore his unzippable pants (wa-la Shorts!) with an athletic shirt.
I do have one nagging question.
How do you all get your boys to wear sweater vests?


Elise said...

Don't you love having a little girl to dress up at holidays? The pictures are very sweet!

Renae said...

You are such a proud mama of a little girl! She looks so cute in all the pink. Keep her girly! :)

Rachel said...

So sweet!

And as for the dressing of boys, we have a rule that clothing for church can't have words or pictures on it. This makes it easy for them to pick out stuff.

Glad Deacon's enjoying his new chore of bringing in the garbage can. Here's to hoping the novelty lasts a long time!

Johanna said...

that's so cute that she could wear your dress! she looks beautiful. <3