Sunday, April 4, 2010

Somewhat Boring

Sometimes I use facebook or my blog to remember things.

If I write notes to myself, they are bound to get lost in the stack of papers, lego pieces and half eaten easter candy on the counter.

But if I computer document them- they last.

So, this week I am planning to write updates on the kids. Maybe in 10 years or so I will have some documentation of when teeth were lost, who was potty trained when and who still insisted on wearing pjs constantly even at the age of 4.

But today, just for me, I am going to write a list of the things I want to get completed in the next 3 weeks before I return to work.

I won't be working a lot of hours, but it is something else to keep me busy- so I want to accomplish some bigger tasks before then.

1. Write baby thank you notes and get out birth announcements
2. Update the baby books. (this will be a huge task. I am going to need to figure out things like the date that Lincoln waved bye-bye for the first time. I will probably just make it up. How would he know?)
3. Outdoor winter wear washed and put away and wardrobes switched over to spring (do you have any idea what a monumentous task this is?)
4. Establish a clothes line
5. Make significant progress on lot cleanup
6. Clean/organize office
7. Clean/organize basement
8. Clean/organize garage.
9. Re-establish a reading plan

I will stop there. That will be enough to keep me busy for the next few weeks - especially since I will be spending a large portion of every day managing Legos.

What I have done so far on maternity leave
1. Instituted cloth diapering
2. Started a couponing system
3. Started seedlings indoors
4. Raking/yard work

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Johanna said...

one of my favorite things about my mac is that is has an application called 'stickies'. This is like candy for my organizing soul. I can pick different colors and fonts and put them all over my desktop and then delete them when I actually accomplish the task!