Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture Overload: Massive Grizzly Fight

Oh wonder of wonders. We got to the bear display and they were not sleeping!
In fact they were in the water.

Look at the paw on that guy!

And then the wrestling match began.

And all the moms kept saying, "oh, it is ok, they are just playing"

And maybe they were. But it got pretty intense.

They must be brothers.

Speaking of brothers.
If you have brothers, were you always pummeling each other?

And was there anything your mom could have done to stop you?



Rachel said...

Paul has three older brothers and he's always sharing stories of growing up on the farm with them. Let's just say I'm amazed he's still alive. His mother worked outside the home and was largely oblivious to many of their antics. One time two of the brothers staked down the other two (hands and feet, on their backs) to see how long it would take them to get loose. It took over two hours! At one point their dad walked by them and said, "Dumb Kids!" and kept going. He's not the lovey dovey type. They built everything and when asked to shovel LONG driveway which would've taken 3-4 hours, they spent the whole day designing and building a wooden snowplow attachment for the truck (and it worked!) Have I mentioned Paul's an engineer?

LS said...

Way cool pics! I love the grizzly bears at the zoos because it's the only way I want to see one that close!

My brothers ALWAYS wrestled up until about age 21 so I don't know any differently!

Johanna said...

Wow, what a cool experience! My bros usually beat each other up and then came running to me to save them. One of my fav memories is coming home from college to a very much grown Jordan and throwing him over my shoulder, just because I could. I can't do that anymore.