Thursday, April 15, 2010

7 years ago

Today, tax day, 7 years ago.

Noah and I sat on a hill in Deming Park, Terre Haute, Indiana.

We were overlooking our favorite disc golf course.

And eating Jimmy John's sandwhiches.

Pre-kid ideal picnic.

Who needs a basket and P B & Js when you can bring it all in a white bag that says,

"Subs so fast you'll freak"?

I told him I was pregnant.

We laughed.

We cried. (probably him, not me :)

7 years later.

Tax day.

Blogging in my pjs (I know, I know- but it has been a long week)

Listening to 4 kids play around the house.

Turning 30 in a couple of months is on my mind.

There have been many laughs these last 7 years.

And many tears.

And I am sure there will be more.

Happy Fatherhood Anniversary, Noah! I hope I can celebrate many more with you!

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Johanna said...

Not that this is relevant at all to your post, but I just wanted to throw it out there that should I have 4 children and be contemplating that I'm turning 30 soon, I will most likely have just recently had quadruplets. I can't really wrap my brain around that one. Oh well, congrats on 7 years! You've got delightful children. :)