Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tootsie Pops

Minding my own business, just chillin' with my tootsie pop

Oh my, mom has one too. I wonder if it is better than mine?

I'd better check it out. I am the baby. I have the right.

One for each hand. I'd better start sucking before they take them away.

By the way, we only let him have either lollipop briefly. He had managed to grab Roman's pop and taken off across the room with it. So we let him try one of his own after we made him give Roman's back. But really, it was only a couple licks. Why am I explaining this to you? Oh, yeah. Because I am a mom, which means I have a fear of other moms thinking that I am a bad mom. But I am not. It was just a lick...really...
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Karla said...

Of course you are a good mom... you are great and I hope I can be as good as a mom as you are(: