Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On a Search for Interests

Deacon always likes to have serious discussions when it is time for bed.

Last night we were discussing friendships: how it is ok not to be best friends with someone- just that the decision needs to be made based on something greater than superficial details.  

We talked about sharing similar interests with people, and how that is often something that helps create and maintain friendships.

Deacon didn't have a lot to say, until all of a sudden the words rushed out:

"Mama, what are your interests?  Are they like putting us to bed and cleaning up the house?"

Noah snorted from behind me.

I scrambled to try to think of interests that I have.

What are hobbies again?

Noah answered before I could come up with anything:

"Are you mentioning those things because those are things that Mama does?  Mom does those things because they are her responsibilities, not because they are her interests."

He continued, "your mom's interests are more along the lines of making lists and crossing things off.  Oh, and running."  He grinned at me over Deke's head.

Finally able to collect my thoughts I added some more items, "reading, running, playing games, hanging out with friends, puzzles".

But he is right, I don't have a lot of time for my own interests.  

The conversation though reminded me that I do want my kids to know me, not just to know what I do for them.  I want them to know what my interests are, just like I know theirs.  

They could probably list a lot of Noah's hobbies.

Sometimes it is a source of contention for us: Noah has hobbies, I don't.  I have never been accused of being playful or silly, he has.  I am task oriented, practical and driven; he flies by the seat of his pants and gets distracted easily.

But that doesn't mean that there isn't more to me than my lists.

And I want my kids to know it.

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Karla said...

haha I loved what Deke said...so I was telling my second graders about it...we were talking the Dewey Decimal System and what kinds of books were in the 700s:)