Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potty Training

This morning I looked at the stack of size 3 diapers on the dresser.

I had exactly 5.

Maybe, if I searched through my purse, swimming gear and van I could rummage up 1 or 2 more disposables.

And of course I have cloth diapers and plastic pants that could be employed.

But, I thought, if we work on potty training this morning I will save a diaper, and will be able to push back a trip to the store until, say, Saturday.

It is now 5pm and she has been in big girl panties all day.  There have been numerous pairs used and a significant amount of accidents, but there have been 5 or 6 successes too.

Now it is up to me to keep at it, helping her and staying positive.

Oh, how happy we all will be when toddler diapers are a thing of the past.


Johanna said...

oh the joys of parenting...she said with zero experience behind the comment :)

gma pam said...

...toddler diapers won't be a thing of the past for too enjoy the rest of 2012!

Anonymous said...

nice, much simpler to get at the p---y when they wear panties