Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yeah, I kind of love him

I went to my 6 week post partum check up.  The staff asked me if I was experiencing any post partum depression.  I told them that I had no symptoms and was feeling great.  I tend to get a little down in the winter, but this year there has been none of that.  Guess why?  Because it has been in the 30s around here and we don't have snow.  Guess what that means?  I don't have to bundle 5 children up in 12 layers AND there is no melting snow in my entryway, my van, my living room, and there is none on my pant legs, my shoes and our shovels :)

It is February 14th and I haven't shoveled once.  I haven't built a snowman or gone sledding.  I have only worn gloves once or twice. I have worn my winter coat maybe three times.  The boys have been getting to play outside for 1-2 hours every afternoon.  Awesome.

Boots and hats, coats and gloves.

No scarves, snowpants and mittens.

This is good.  I love it.

Speaking of love,

I was at homeschool co-op today.  There are teenagers there and I remembered my own teenage years.

Noah and I were teenagers together.

We were friends and maybe more.

That "maybe more" bit was always confusing.  Did he like me?  Did he not?  The clues and the information were analyzed and over-analyzed some more.  Should I call him?  Should I not?  Why did he give me roses on my 16th birthday?  Why did he say that?  Why did he do this?  Will we end up together someday?  Will he agree to name our fifth child Everyn?  What if he finds someone else?  What if he moves away?  Does he like me?  Will he ever love me?  Will he ever tell me?

And on and on.

I had no idea what he was thinking.  Or maybe I just didn't want to hope too much.

Maybe I didn't want to be wrong.

Maybe I didn't want things to end badly.

Maybe I had no idea what any of it really meant.

But all of that was 15 years ago.  That is a long time.

Now I know the answers:

He likes me (a lot).
I can call him (whenever I want).
He gave me roses because he thought someone should (and he seemed to be a good candidate).
He makes a lot of veiled comments because he likes me (a lot).
He does a lot of kind things for me because he likes me (a lot).
We did finally end up together (and will still be together someday).
He did agree to name our fifth child Everyn (for reals!)
He didn't find anyone else (because he likes me (a lot))
He didn't move away (because he likes me (a lot)).
He likes me (a lot).
He loves me (a lot).
And he tells me (a lot).

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe.

I like you (a lot).
I love you (a lot).

More than I did at 16.


Karla said... he doesn't buy flowers on vday for you cause he likes you (a lot) and knows you would not want flowers for full price on vday.:)
Was Everyn really one of your names you had picked for your 15 kids when you were 15? I don't remember all the names...

Karla said...
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Grandma Debbie said...

The no snow is great now, but I'm a little worried for the spring if we don't get some precipitation soon! I'm wondering if we should have been watering our trees all winter.

Johanna said...

that. was. so. sweet. :) makes my little romantic heart hope again...have I ever mentioned I love reading your blog because a) i just think you're a clever and well-spoken writer and b) there are always hilarious stories and cute pictures and c) it gives me something to talk to Karla about ;)