Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Tired

Everyn is a sleeper, there is no question about that.  When she is awake she is very alert, lifting her little head up and looking around with great interest.  But those times are rare.  Interestingly enough, she usually wakes up and is more interactive after all the other kids have gone to bed.  10 pm?  That is her time to shine.

Last evening she woke up in the evening and started to beg for attention.  I was doing my Insanity workout, and she was hanging out with me, watching me sweat.  After Insanity was over, I moved on to my next project and she watched me work on that, but continued to be fussy and somewhat needy.  My third project of the night was to vacuum and then clean the carpet.  She was on the couch in the middle of the room, as I started to work.  The vacuum cleaner's drone made her happy.  The carpet cleaner's whirring put her to sleep.

The whole process was quite noisy and the boys were all conked out on the other side of the interior wall and she was laying there surrounded by commotion and she was sleeping like, well, like a baby.

It is nice to have kids who sleep through anything,
it is nice to have clean carpet.

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Karla said...

She probably wakes up at 10pm because it is TOO quiet! Your kids are so good about sleeping through EVERYTHING!