Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Great Love/Hate

Love/Hate: Baby carriers

I have never been a mama that wears her babies.  The front carrier I have is comfortable for limited times, but it gets really tiring after awhile.  In addition, if I am trying to accomplish something while carrying the baby in the baby carrier, my body mechanics for the task are all messed up.  Everything has to be done to the side or way in front, and I am not used to that.

Up to this point, our carrier has been used only when I am at the Y walking on the track with a newborn.  

The past couple of days, however, Everyn has been awake more and wanting to be near me.  I still have things to do though, so I have put her in the carrier and tried to multi-task.  The pros are that I do have free hands for pouring milk, blogging and sorting papers at my standing desk.  Unfortunately,  the problems of neck/shoulder fatigue and a general awkwardness continue.  I feel big and bulky and like I am not aware of my space.  Maybe it will get easier, or maybe I will quit.  I need to decide if it is better to be uncomfortable and marginally productive for long periods of time with the carrier on, or to have lots of cuddling baby downtime interspersed with periods of high productivity while she is napping on her own.  

LOVE/HATE: Pacifiers

Currently I can't find Ever's pacifier, so she is a pacifier-less baby today (and currently in the baby carrier while I stand here typing).  Deacon used a pacifier for about a month and then simply wasn't interested.  I became his human pacifier, which was annoying but ok since he was my first baby and I didn't have much to do at that particular time of my life.  Roman and Linc both used heavily (ha ha) until their first birthday, at which point I took the pacifiers away (Happy Birthday, boys!).  Berean followed Deacon's lead, except for the fact that she didn't abuse her nursing privileges.  Everyn seems to like the pacifier, and we have encouraged it since she appears to be very interested in sucking on her thumb, and that is a harder habit to break.  

But the stupid pacifier (or "duck duck" as Berean calls it) is very easily lost around here, and even when we have it we constantly have to put it back in her mouth.  This pacifier insertion situation is ridiculous.  It is almost comical to see adults sitting next to a baby and sticking a pacifier into a cute little mouth after every yawn or accidental spit-out.  Don't even get me started on perfecting the "blind insertion technique" for when you are glasses-less and in a dark room in the middle of the night.  

On the other hand, it keeps her happy when it is in, and helps her get to sleep. The boys can put it in for me if I am busy, and so it keeps the crying to a minimum.   If I ever find it again, we may let it stick around.  For now.

LOVE/HATE: Maternity Leave

I am actually loving my maternity leave, don't get me wrong.  I have plenty to do around here to keep me busy, and I know the next 6 weeks will go by all too quickly.  In fact, I am a little nervous about how everything is going to go when I do go back.  I know it is going to be difficult and somewhat stressful.

But I will admit that I am somewhat lonely.  It struck me today, and I anticipate it getting more acute as the weeks go on.  If I knew I wasn't going back to work, I would probably sign up for a Bible Study or some other consistent "outing", but since I know I am going back I have just been trying to get together with friends when possible.  I laughed today as I wrote yet another facebook status (it is super easy now that I have a computer in the kitchen) because it proves just how desperate I am for adult conversation.

Now, truth be told, I get out a lot and I have a lot of friends.  It is harder in the winter because neighbors aren't around as much, but still I see people a lot.  My friend at co-op and I catch up on Tuesdays while our kids trade Pokemon cards, the "homeschool" moms and I talk all afternoon during gym/swim at the YMCA.  I see friends on Wed/Sundays and small group.  I have people over or we talk on the phone.  In fact, last weekend Noah and I played games with friends two nights in a row!  (and in fact, those little outings made us remember how much we miss getting together with people more often).  We also spend a lot of time with family- I see my mom a lot especially.

My job is so "people heavy" and I have so many coworkers in an environment that requires communication and teamwork - it really gives me plenty of interaction time. I like to talk to people of all ages- you learn so many things and hear so many different perspectives.  Currently I hear a lot of my 8 year old's perspective.  Which is ok, and somewhat funny, but it is nice to have a change now and then.

My plan is to do fun things for the next 6 weeks.  I am going to plan some events for friends and kids and hope to just do some more game nights with adults (cheap fun!).  And I will be sure to keep updating good old facebook.


Renae said...

Maybe I will come to game night instead of David next time!!! I agree with your love/hates regarding pacifiers and baby carriers!

Sally said...

I never used a carrier for Jack, but I borrowed some different ones to try out when I had baby #2. Far and away my favorite was the Ergo. It is expensive but worth every penny - no shoulder or back pain, and I can run all over the park and have both hands free to help with the potty, etc. when out and about.

He also HATES his car seat, so I put him in it for shopping and other outings too. See if you can find one at a garage sale or something. I know what you mean about baby wearing at home though - I pass on that.

And we CANNOT get a pacifier to stay in his mouth, so I gave up. Jack gave up nighttime thumb-sucking around 2.5, so I'm hoping he will too.

The Three 22nds said...

Renae, I am planning to have a "girls only" settlers night. I will try to have it when you can make it!

Sally, I have heard great things about the Ergo. I had considered getting one with Berean, but Noah didn't want to because he thought the kids always looked uncomfortable in them. I wish you lived closer so I could see you wearing your baby and chasing Jack around...somehow I just can't picture it. Maybe because I still remember you hating boys and not being very interested in babies :)

Foster said...

I just got an ergo for babe #4. I love it. He loves it too. He is very much a mama's boy, and cries if I am not holding him. The ergo holds him really close, so I feel like I have plenty of room in front. Maybe that will change when he gets bigger. The ergo can also be used on your back after baby is 6months. My 3yr old sucks 2 fingers, 1yr old and baby suck thumbs. Trying to break this habit is hard. I am all for pacifiers, but my kids just prefer their God given ones.