Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buying Stuff

After I have a baby, I always look at my wardrobe and declare it to be obsolete.  I tell myself I am going to go out and buy all new clothes and shoes. I go out and buy a few new items and then I inevitably lose my last 10 pounds and the new clothes no longer fit.

But not this time!  This time I resolve to not buy a single thing until the last 10 pounds are gone.  By then I will probably be pregnant again.  Ha.

Until it is time to shop, I am staying happy by looking at my Christmas shoes that I got from my sisters.
Aren't they cute?  They are Keens and I have been wanting them for a long time.  I have friends that have them, and I love them.  Thanks E and K!

Oh, here is one more picture.  This is my nursing space.  In order to fit the "office" into our room, we had to take the big chair out.  I didn't have a place to nurse Everyn and was either nursing her in bed or sitting on the floor for her night feeding.  We were just about to move more furniture around, when Noah thought of a great solution: the video chair.  We moved one of our video chairs upstairs and it works perfectly!

Well, perfectly if you are the kind of person who likes an ab workout while getting in and out of your nursing chair in middle of the night!  I am definitely getting better at squats!  Anyway, it is a great solution for this stage of our lives, and didn't require any money or work :)


gma pam said...

I love those shoes!

Johanna said...

the shoes are cool! and the ab workout is incredible :) that is one low chair--i should get one as an ultra challenge for my patients!

Karla said...

thanks for taking a picture of the shoes I got you...hadn't seen them yet! Didn't know you had video chairs....

LS said...

I have those same shoes! Love Keens!