Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life in 1800 Square Feet

I am just about ready for this week to be over.

We started the week with some members of the family having the stomach flu.

One of them did not make it to the bathroom.

One is a very dramatic vomiter.

All of this warranted a repeat of the "Approved Places to Vomit" lecture:

The places are listed in most desirable to least desirable locations

1. The toilet (please, please, please!!!!!!)
2. A bucket or another empty, disposable (or washable) container
3. Sink or bathtub
4. If it must be on a floor, make sure it is the bathroom floor or the hardwood floor

Please DO NOT vomit on carpet, books, toys, siblings, parents and most of all NOT ON THE TOP OF THE BUNKBEDS!

I never thought Noah and I would one day be sitting around with 5 children making sure that everyone understands these very important rules.

The other thing going on this week is that we are potty training Berean.

This is another messy job.  Between the flu and the pee, my washing machine has been working overtime.

But this is a good week to do it, because we have been home a lot and that is where she needs to be.

The whole endeavor has had its ups and downs, but I decided not to give in and she finally seems to understand what her role is.  Today she peed on the potty 6 or 7 times and by the end of the day she was going without any prompting from me.  She still had her share of accidents, but we are going to keep working at it and hopefully by her 2nd birthday (next Wednesday) things will be well in hand.

After all this drama, I was ready to go out by myself tonight, work out,  do some shopping (not fun stuff, just necessities) and enjoy just being alone.  But due to a series of events involving impound lots, lines out the door and goalieless broomball teams, Noah had to head to the hockey arena.  So here I am, baby on my lap, Pepsi throwback on the desk and a bunch of photos waiting for my attention.

Out the door of my room is a messy house waiting to be cleaned,.

but for now, I guess I will stay in here.


Elise said...

Alethea threw up in her bed Monday night. After a quick bath and a bedding change, we gave her a large stainless bowl and told her that if she needed to throw up again, to use the bowl. She was so excited to have a 'silver bowl to throw up in'. It's the little things...

Thia said...

Hmmmm. Rethinking bunk beds. Hope your time hiding in your room was enjoyable! Sometimes it's nice to just pretend the mess doesn't exist.