Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why I Love Having a Bat in my Van

Sometimes the boys leave their lights on above their van seats. I try to keep up with it, but sometimes I forget.

Occasionally when I am leaving for a night shift I turn the van on and these lights appear. I am usually running late and it is mega annoying to jump out and run around the van and over seats turning lights out. But it is also super annoying to have lights on in the back of the van while trying to merge.

Enter the bat.

My van is usually a mess, and I usually wish it wasn't. But on the vanity light nights, it is a real life saver to have a plastic bat just hanging out- from the front seat I can just grab that bad boy and shut down lights all over the van.

Problem solved.

Do you know what else I love? Having a 6 year old. This morning he made himself and Lincoln breakfast. This afternoon he scooped out the yogurt for everyone's snack. On Sunday when he thought we had left them all at the church picnic he got his brothers together- shoes and all- and went out looking for us. We hadn't left them, but it was nice to see that he could handle himself in an "emergency situation".

This summer is another "bench summer" for me. The boys can manage themselves at parks and in the yard- I can play with them, but I don't have to be pulling woodchips and dirt clumps out of people's mouths this year. All I have to do is TELL Roman to take the woodchips out of his mouth and he DOES IT HIMSELF. Yeah for me! It only took us 4 years to get to this point.


Thia said...

In the last couple of weeks, my 5.5 year old has started getting her own drinks from the fridge and helping to serve at dinner and...a few other things I can't remember. I am SO proud of her. Now...if I could just get her to wipe her own butt.

Renae said...

Oh Julie- I loved reading this post! Hilarious about the bat and Roman taking his own woodchips out of his mouth!!! I love having an almost 4 year old - seems so big to me - 6 would be awesome! I, however, am not able to sit on the bench at a park - as you know!!!!! Next year maybe!!

Elise said...

I can see my future flashing before my eyes. Still can't figure out what the appeal of woodchips (or grass, or dirt or leaves) is, but I'm constantly pulling things out of Alethea's mouth when we're outside.

Johanna said...

haha! way to use the bat for a new purpose! very handy.