Monday, July 12, 2010

Skateboarding in Rubber Boots

*Deacon was out skateboarding in rubber boots today. These people can NEVER FIND THEIR SHOES! Speaking of shoes, Lincoln's toes are coming out the end of his crocs. He wants a red pair. Anyone have any luck with any croc knockoffs?

*Except for speech therapy we stayed home today. I did some baking, some cleaning up and laundry. I looked around the house at 5:00 and it looked like I had done nothing at all. So I gave up. Maybe I can reclean everything after the kids go to bed. Unlikely.

*Noah and I played sequence last night. We love to play board games, but we just haven't had much time for anything like that lately. He won 3 games to 2.

*Speaking of Noah, it is our 10 year anniversary on Thursday. Wow. 10 years. I think the top of our cake is still in my in laws freezer...

*speaking of our anniversary, I might talk about marriage on the blog this week. Or maybe not. Who knows? No promises here.

*My mom finished Berean's newest diapers this week. They are cute. I will have to post some diaper pictures on here sometime. Because when you cloth diaper, you share it on your blog. It is just what you do.

*We went on a family excursion to the zoo and mall yesterday. Of course the kids were more interested in the park and the splash pad at the zoo than in the actual animals, but that is ok I guess.

*yeah! Just got cancelled for the first 4 hours of my shift tonight. I have 64 hours on my time card from last pay period. It actually wasn't so bad, but I need to do some catch up around here.

*it was about this time 9 years ago that I started my first job as an RN. That was an exciting summer. I passed my boards, turned 21 and we celebrated our 1st anniversary. It really doesn't feel like that long ago.


Renae said...

can i share on my blog about how i do not use cloth diapers? just wondering because no one does! :)

Grandma Debbie said...

Ha! So that's whose cake is in my freezer! I think it's time to see if it's any good. Wrapped in fondant, it might be okay.....