Monday, July 26, 2010

and it's Monday.

It is Monday.

The laundry is stacked high, each piece waiting it's turn to be cleaned.

It is Monday.

I feel sluggish, tired, warm; hoping we can get a good deal on an AC unit soon

It is Monday.

The kids have been imagining this morning. They are Max. I am Ruby.

It is Monday.

Almost every dish I own is dirty, stacked by the sink. I am out of dishwasher detergent.

It was Friday.

Noah and I went on a bike ride, ate Chipotle. I love my bike. I love Chipotle. I love my husband too. Went to work for a little while.

It was Saturday.

I caught up on some house stuff. Hung out with friends visiting from Mozambique. Ate steak. Went to work for a little bit.

It was Sunday.

Church and church picnic. Sat in the shade chatting with friends and watching my boys (Noah included) go down the slip n' slide over and over. They were the last ones on it.

It was Sunday.

Watched some of our friends kids. Read the paper. Went on an 8 mile run in 94 degree heat. Worked for a little while.

And now it is Monday.

The lawn will be mowed. The house will be cleaned. The kids will play. And the week will start.

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Johanna said...

8 miles? in 94 degree heat? i think i might have died if i attempted that! i went for 30 minutes yesterday after it finished felt delightful to run in the post-rain coolness...til the end of my run when I was getting hot and the sun was out again and it was humid (for NM at least) :D