Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He Said Baby. And a Joke (or 2)

I worked 40 hours at the hospital last week.
And do you know what?
Things didn't fall apart at home.
The kids were happy.
The husband survived.
The house didn't look like a tornado hit it.
(Just a small earthquake.)

I was curious to see what would get neglected.
And do you know what it was?
Sleep and Blogging.
Go figure.

Lincoln said "baby" today. Multiple times, very clearly. I know that is something that people get excited about for their 1 year olds. And he is 3. But we are excited. We are trying to work really hard with him at home, and he seems to be very interested in learning how to talk.

He tried to tell me a knock, knock joke the other day.
"Ne Ne" (knock, knock? I asked)
"Who is there?"
"oa who?"
Then came the explanation.
I don't know what he was saying.
I guessed every knock knock joke I had ever heard.
He shook his head.
He proably made it up.
Made it up in his head.
And it will stay in there, all locked up.
Until he learns to talk.
And he can tell us.
I can't wait.

Deacon used to make up jokes too. They made no sense.
The ones he makes up now don't make sense either, but he is trying.
"What do you call an airplane with 10 people on it?"
A: "A fuel" (the fuel from the airplane and few from only 10 people. He was trying to make a play on words with the few and fuel sounding similar. I appreciated the effort, but we will need to work on execution. For sure.) Deacon is playing tee ball. He thinks he is awesome.

Roman is Roman. There is not much more to say. He wears pjs and beat up crocs. He runs fast when he feels like it. He is my lynch pin in behavior modification. If I can get him in line, everyone else will fall into place.

Berean is a sweetie. She rolls over. She loves me. She loves the boys. She loves Noah. She laughs. She smiles. She carries her purse. She "talks". We all love to look at her. She sleeps from 7 or 8 until 4 everynight. Then she nurses at 4 and goes back to sleep until 8 or so. Can't complain about that.

Life is good.


Karla said...

I LOVE deacon's joke! How smart is that kid!

Lesley said...

I've been a bad blogger lately but we are doing good! :) Just staying super busy and working on multiple home improvement projects. It can get kind of nuts but it is fun. Our almost four year old, Kayley is always telling me knock knock jokes that make no sense either and she laughs like they're the funniest thing she's ever heard!
Sounds like your family is doing great and that is one easy baby you've got there! What a lucky (blessed) mama you are! :)

Johanna said...

i agree with karla, that was pretty high thinking for a joke...maybe over thought and therefore not as funny...maybe the timing was just wrong, but still quite brilliant. also, berean has a purse?! I'd like to see a picture of that!

Cole's Mum said...

Yay that Linc is saying some words. Bethany used to have knock knock jokes when she was really little that always ended with "gum on your ---", finishing with some random object, like shoe:). Btw--your profile info doesn't include Berean:)