Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Practice What You Preach

This weekend I was driving home from work around 0430. Obviously it is still quite dark at that time. Guess what I saw? A woman on a bike riding right by the entrance to the interstate. And she wasn't wearing a helmet.

I thought it was a rather odd time to be riding a bike, and it seemed to be a rather odd place.
I hoped she wouldn't get hit, she was pretty difficult to see. And I wished she was wearing a helmet.

Noah and I wear our helmets. We insist that the boys do too, and we want to practice what we preach. And they notice, oh, how they notice.

Deacon will talk for days about it if he sees an adult or an older child riding without a helmet. He peppers us with questions about why they are doing it (often while they are still within earshot) and then brings it up again and again.

I can't remember if I blogged this before (how would I know, I don't label my posts). The other day Noah got home from work late and grabbed his bike to dash down to the park to catch the T-ball game. Deacon saw him coming and looked at me with shock. "Is that DAD riding his BIKE without a HELMET?"

Last month we all went to the bike shop to look at a road bike. The owner got it ready for a test ride and I went to get on it for a spin around the parking lot. Deacon very pointedly stopped me, "Mom, are you going to ride that bike without a helmet?." I started to explain that I wasn't going far and that I didn't have one with me, but before I could really get into it the owner jumped in and said that he had one I could use.

So I rode the new bike around the block with the borrowed helmet.

And Deacon was pleased.

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Johanna said...

As I'm sure you know (from experience at a big hospital), protecting your head is TOTALLY worth it. Brain injuries are nasty. And no one ever expects to get one! Yay for Deacon being the helmet police! :D