Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Catch Up, I'm...

*Not looking forward to turning 30 this weekend

*Loving my husband who was patiently sitting in the chair waiting with Berean when I blew in at 0515 (over an hour late) this morning from work. I had left him with no milk thawed, thinking it was going to be a short shift- but of course crisis developed and my time table crumbled.

*Laughing at my Noah's 2 new jokes. Ready for them?

"Why did Anakin Skywalker Cross the Road?"


"How did Wicket Cross the road?"

(see end of post for answers).

*Thinking my husband is weird for always making up his own jokes.

*hitting the neighborhood garage sales!

*Going to start working on my VBS crafts today- it is only 4 days away after all

*Proud of how we did at the race over the weekend. Everytime someone passed me I said to myself, "I just had a baby 3 months ago. I will get faster". It was fun and I like my tee-shirt.

*Wishing my boys would stop wacking each other and waking the baby up. They all seemed to get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

*Pleased that at the grocery store manager had to approve my transaction because I saved so much money :) Basically I "saved" $69, spend $70 and got $13 in money off coupons for my purchases next week. Oh, and a movie ticket to Toy Story.

*Thankful for all that money savings because Noah's car is in the shop again :(

*Grateful that my parents always let us use their extra car when one of ours is on the fritz :)

*Amazed at how fast Berean is growing, how much Deacon is improving on his reading (and skateboarding), the progress Lincoln is making on his speech and the lego structures that Roman is able to make.

*Wondering what will happen with the nurses strike and thinking of nurses everywhere today!


Thia said...

Happy Birthday, early!

What are the answers to the jokes?

The Three 22nds said...

I totally forgot to put in the answers to the jokes!

Answer #1 "Why did Anakin cross the road?" To get to the dark side.

Answer #2 "How did Wicket cross the road?" E- woked. (he walked)

Pretty clever, huh?

Thia said...

Too cute!

Karla said...

Noah is too funny (or weird)hehe

Lesley said...

Funny jokes! And you are one busy mama! And I just love the name Berean. Hope you're enjoying summer so far! :)

Johanna said...

so glad the jokes are in here! whew! quite clever, Noah. :D