Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We took the kids to a park with a skate park on Friday.

Deacon always wants to go to skate parks.

But when he gets there he freezes.

You see, in his mind he can Ollie, he can do a manual- he is the master of jumps and ramps.

In reality, he can't.

He is scared, and he doesn't have the skills.

But practice is too hard.

Practice is too boring.

Practicing the easy stuff, he says, is too easy. He can already do it.

He did try a few new things with us assisting.

I never thought I would be encouraging my son to try the small ramp- even if he falls. He just needs to try. He needs to practice. He needs to let go of the fear.

He hung his head and said, "I wish I had never come to a skate park." I asked why. He said, "Because when I actually come to one I realize that I can't do the things I thought I could."

"it is better in your head, isn't it?" I said.

"yeah," he replied.

In my head I convince myself that I will stay cool in turbulant situations, that I will be a hero in dire circumstances that I will thrive and not just survive. That I will tell people about God's love.

But sometimes I am just like Deacon. I wish I had never come to the skate park because it makes it glaringly obvious that I am not as ready as I should be. I have to come face to face with reality and oftentimes the illusions that I have get destroyed.

But what do I tell Deacon?
"You need to practice, and I will help you."

How am I going to get better at keeping my cool? By practicing keeping my cool.
How am I going to bike and run faster? I am going to practice biking and running faster.
How I am going to thrive and hero and share? I am going to practice by spending more time with God and letting his spirit put the fruit of the Spirit in a prominant place in my life.

Practice is going to be my Summer Mantra.


Lesley said...

Awesome post - I totally agree. Practice is hard but necessary!

Karla said...

lessons from a skate park...(: it is a challenge for all of us!

Johanna said...

i like this Julie--I'm always much better in my head! :D
our pastor said last week "we often prefer to stay in the safety of slavery than move into the freedom of faith" here's to you...and me...and others--may we be willing to practice!