Friday, June 25, 2010

a few bullet points

*I noticed today that I always buy purple flowers. I am apparently drawn to the color purple, but my perennial garden is going to look pretty silly if it is all purple.

*I didn't brush my hair today, just put it back into a ponytail. Seriously, every effort for a shower was scuttled. Was going to shower at the Y after my swim, but Berean had a blow out in kid's stuff so I didn't even get home in time to get one before company arrived and than it was speech therapy and tee ball and flower planting and bike ride and laundry and supper and settlers...

*Noah suggested to Deacon that he bat left-handed because "you do better left-handed because you are left handed". Deacon's reply? "I am good any way I do it". Ahh the confidence of a 6 year old boy.

*I was going through my library list to get ready to return books. Lo and behold I have 2 library books that must never have gotten officially checked out because they are not on the list. I feel like I am living on the lam.

*I had a large bugish thing on me this evening. Noah grabbed it between his 2 hands and kept shaking it as he walked to the door and threw it out. The reason for the shaking? To keep the bug so disoriented that it wouldn't be able to bite.

*Roman's consequence for not coming in when I told him to after going to the muddy lot while just wearing socks? Not being able to wear pajamas all day tomorrow.

*I am reading a book called "How to Have a New Kid by Friday". I plan to blog my Monday to Friday next week just like on Julie and Julia, and we will see if the book works for me and my kiddos.

Happy Weekend!


Lauren Millington said...

My mother-in-law bought that book for me. Still not sure if I should be offended. I guess she thought I could use as much help as possible with 5 kids. I read most of it, tried implementing some of it, but didn't really fit my parenting style. We just pray daily for God to guide us in parenting these kids. Some days are better than others :)

Navigating the Mothership said...

I love the unlawful library behavior! You rebel, you! I get very, very concerned that that will happen to me. Because if it did, then they would-

Huh. What would they do exactly? Revoke my card? Ban me from baby storytime? Have the security man (a special feature of the central library) follow me around? Or, most likely, none of the above. But not to tempt fate.

The Three 22nds said...

I am so afraid of librarians. I actually avoid one library because I am so afraid of my children or I getting yelled at...

Yeah, we will see how it goes. I do like Leman's style, so it may work for us. How are things going for you guys? Did you move already?

Johanna said...

Libraries that have children's books should not be allowed to have mean, crabby, scary librarians. seriously, what purpose does that serve?

It's like when I lived in a certain central asian country (that shall go unnamed). You could apply for a visa to visit and be a tourist, but you had to pay lots of money and they would want a detailed itinerary of where you were staying and what you were doing every moment you were in the country. I'm pretty sure it kept most tourists away from their beautiful, historic silk road cities. In case you got lost in my long parallel, why have beautiful kids' books if the kids never go to see them because they are scared of the librarian?

Noah, I am so NOT a fan of bugs that I don't even know if I could shake it so that it would stay disoriented. Great idea though.