Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Twenties

Now that my twenties are officially over, I thought it may be time for a wrap up. I should probably be running or something instead, but this is important too, right?

Summer 2000- turned 20 in June, got married in July
2000-2001- Senior year of BSN, 1st year of married life
Summer 2001- graduated, passed nursing boards
2001-2002- working as an RN on a neurology/medsurg floor, Noah working
Fall 2002- moved to Indiana, Noah started Master's program, I started working in the ICU at the local hospital
March 2003- trip to Gulf Shores
April 2003-found out I was pregnant with Deacon
August 2003- trip to Niagra Falls
December 2003- Deacon born
May 2004-Noah graduated with Master's in Optical Engineering, I quit my job, moved back here and in with my parents
June 2004-closed on our house, spent the summer painting it and taking walks. Summer of the house
August 2004- started part time job in MICU (job I am still at)
October 2004- Noah got hired full time at the company he was on contract with
January 2005- found out we were expecting baby #2
September 2005- Roman born
January 2006- joined Y so that Deacon's tumbling class would be cheaper. Started working out.
September 2006- found out I was pregnant again
May 2007- Lincoln born
July 2007- Lazyman tri, decided I wanted to do a real one the next summer. Started running.
Spring 2008- trying to sell our house
Summer 2008- Summer of the Tri
August 2008- finished our first Tri, house off the market
Fall 2008- Trip to Seattle!
May 2009- Trip to Mt. Rushmore with the kids and the Granny Nanny
Summer 2009-Summer of the deck, found out I was pregnant again
March 2010- Berean born, purchased lot next door
Summer 2010- Summer of the firepit

I have been having a hard time with this 30th birthday...but the more I think about it the more ok it is. I may not be 21 anymore but I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, we both have good jobs that we at least somewhat enjoy. I have a mini van, a house, a lot. Enough work to keep me busy. Friends, family. A blog. A dad that orders me pizza for my birthday and loans us cars when we need them. In laws and parents and sisters that help me with the kids.

Really I can't ask for much more.

Soon I will be posting my list of goals for my 30s. (I am sure Noah is rolling his eyes right now. More lists, Julie? Really? Yes, my dear, you should try it. Love you :)


Not rolling eyes said...

I'm actually just smiling.

Happy birthday. Love you babe!

Johanna said...

happy birthday, Julie! you've definitely accomplished quite a lot in your young life--specifically your 20's. I've got some catching up to do in the next three years! ;)