Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whatever, Dude. Or Not.

We hit a recordbreaking 92 degrees here yesterday.

92 degrees and my child was at the park in footie pajamas and winter boots.

This morning I confiscated all the footie pjs. I will keep 1 pair out for each of them, which they will have to "check out" for appropriate times- times like a cool night camping.

Normally I don't care that much what they wear but I am a little concerned about heat stroke.

So I did what I had to do.


On another note, this morning the boys came downstairs and reported that Berean was awake. I said, "well, I'd better head upstairs and see what state you left her in". Deacon gave me a quizzical look and said the name of our state, and then, "Why would you ask that?" We had a little conversation about different meanings of the word "state".


As far as my house and yard- well I am just going to keep plugging away at it. I am trying to have the boys help more and I am trying to remember to carry things to their appropriate places as I move around the house during the day so that there is less to do in the evenings. And I am just trying to come to the realization that I will probably not have anytime for "fun" for the next several years.

And I think I am ok with that, after all- 4 kids and a job is the lot that I have chosen.


Berean has been sleeping 9 hour stretches for the last couple nights! Yahoo!

She is so sweet- as has been said in the past (only that time about my cousin Molly)

"She has brought joy into our lives"


Thia said...

I understand the footsie pj thing. I had a parental learning moment yesterday when my son wanted to wear his jeans outside to play in our full sun back yard. I knew it was way too hot. Unfortnately, we are not into that part of the year that allows me to do what you did and just put the other stuff away.

Johanna said...

umm, there was a little boy at church on sunday in shirt, shorts, sandals, and leg warmers. he was definitely turning heads. but less risk of heat stroke...perhaps you could invest in some leg warmers?