Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking it Easy

After a relatively stressful day yesterday, I decided to take it easy today.

Why was yesterday stressful, you may ask.

Well, it had something to do with having company in the evening (my norwex party) and my charming children eating my dessert twice.

It also involves a broken glass, the fact that Aldi does not sell Angel Food cake mixes, and a sister who lives near Cub Foods.

But today was a new day.

6:32 am: Baby wakes up. (yahoo! Another 6 1/2 hour stretch!) Roman is in bed with Noah and I, but I can't really tell if it is him because I don't have my glasses on. Noah is moving around quietly, getting ready to head for the Dentist. I feed the babe and she goes back to sleep.

8:00: I wake up and remember that Berean has a doctor appointment at 9:00.

8:06: get out of bed and head for the shower.

Spend the next 1/2 hour getting ready, hauling boys out of bed, and packing people into the car- complete with bananas and special K bars.

9:00-Babe gets her shots, screams a little and I realize that the bottle I had grabbed was not tylenol but was actually ibuprofen. Sorry baby girl, no drugs for you.

Took off for the YMCA. Through a series of events end up not having my tennis shoes, so I used the stationary bike for an hour and read Good Housekeeping. I learned three things:

1. a study says that people who are in relationships where the household tasks are shared evenly have a higher level of happiness with their lives then those people who do not share the tasks evenly. I believe it.

2. Michelle Obama answered 3 pages of questions and managed to answer them all without really saying anything interesting, controversial or shocking. I think that may be an art. (That is not intended to be negative. The interviewer just kept trying and trying to get something "good", but Mrs. Obama neatly and concisely sidestepped any chance she had to let any "dirt" out. Only thing the interviewer managed to get is that the first lady likes french fries. Oh my.)

3. having a "family talent night" is a fun activity

12:00- got home (finished listening to 101 Dalmations in the car), looked through the mail, made a few phone calls, told Noah to come up with a talent, made the kids lunch, fed the baby.

Baby screamed for 5 minutes straight. She hasn't done that before.

Still no tylenol.

Loaded everyone up and took them to friend's new house. Dropped stuff off, ate cheesecake. Told the boys to keep the billiard balls on the table and that actual dodge ball with them was a bad plan. Borrowed friends tylenol for the baby.

Home. Gave the boys a dollar for finding the lost DVD case. Actually I found it, but their arms were small enough to get it.

Did some computer work. Changed the laundry. Thought about supper. Boys playing quietly (inbetween fights).

Put on a movie for the boys after they had picked up. They wanted to watch "Bibleman" and wanted me to watch with them. I did. It was like a train wreck, I could not look away. Reminded me of that horrendous Carmen music video from way back.

7:00- Mexican Stroganoff for supper.

7:30- family talent show. Noah juggled, I sang "I am a Little Teapot" complete with actions, Deacon did skateboarding tricks, Roman hulahooped and sang a song, Lincoln whacked things with a sharp stick (which we took from him) and Berean cheerleaded, complete with fist pumps.

7:43- watched Roman hop around the living room with a carrot. He was practicing his talent for next weeks show- pretending to be a bunny.

Boys to bed.

Kitchen cleaned, Library roll call complete.

9:30- Blogging, Laundry, Cleaning up and Grocery planning!


Elise said...

Which Carmen video are you talking about? My personal faves are "Bring all the walls down" (or was it break all the walls down? Well anyway...) and of course, "Devil Bight the Dust". Ahhhh memories.

Hey the verification word is letiesse. Reminds me of that medication you can use to grow eyelashes. Maybe "cosmetic medications" could be a subject for a future Controversial Monday.

Elise said...

Okay just realized two things... 1) I spelled bite wrong, forgive me it's late and I'm a terrible speller. And 2) I looked it up on YouTube and it's Satan, bite the dust... oh and it's even better than I remember.

Thia said...

Just the other day a friend and I were remembering the Carmen Soap Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yaMMHdHDck lol
I love how you write about Berean just sliding in with all the other family activities. Is it as it seems? I mean, I know there must be moments when everyone needs you right that second and you'd like to run away, but over all???

Beware the Juggler said...

Or, more accurately, no pretended to juggle and mostly dropped balls on the floor!

The Three 22nds said...

I was thinking of "Satan, Bite the Dust" Noah and I had been reminded of it a couple of weeks ago and pulled it up on Youtube. We watched it in utter shock and disbelief.

I had totally forgotten about the Soap song. That one is definitely a classic. I think I even had the cassette with that one on it :) And yes, Berean just joins in on all the family activities. She rarely naps upstairs, she is usually on the floor, or her swing, or her bouncy seat or being held. Just hanging out, listening to stories, watching the boys play, helping me type etc.

you didn't drop all the balls all the time. And you looked pretty cute anyway :)

Karla said...

haha ok you all made me have to watch Carman on youtube....It is amazing how many of the songs I remember...and how "interesting" it was to listen to and watch...kind of made me feel old?!?! hahaha

Johanna said...

family talent night sounds amazing! All this Carmen talk reminded me of a childhood experience of mine. We were at a park for some picnic/church event in elementary school and a few of us kids met a lovely lady with a cute dog with whom we chatted for a long time--blatantly ignoring the common caution parents tell children about not talking to strangers (our parents were blissfully unaware on the other side of the park). This woman thought it was great that we were with a church group and told us she was a Christian, then she started smoking (my theologic church world was shaken!), told us that we should never smoke, and then told us that she believed that God had told her she was supposed to marry Carmen. Yup, that actually happened. I'm pretty sure they're not married, but who knows?