Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a Few Things

* We took all the kiddos swimming last night. Noah and I swam laps first (it felt good, and you know what? I read that people who swim live longer than people who do other exercise. BONUS!) Then we got the kids for open swim. I held Berean while standing on the deck or in the shallow area and helped "life guard" the boys. Noah was in the water with them, but 3 are a little hard to keep track of, so I was an extra pair of eyes. Berean seemed to enjoy being lugged around and watching the goings on. She is a trooper, that is for sure!

*This morning a cat was looking in our window. Roman wanted to head out. I asked him why, he said, "I need to go out there so I can observe the cat". So cute. It reminded me of when we were at the park and he wanted to go in the woods and he used the tactic that he "really, really needed some nature". How can you say no to a little boy craving nature? It would be unamerican to say no in those circumstances!

*Baby B're has been sleeping a 6-7 hour stretch every night. Score! Do you want to know a secret though? I actually don't mind getting up with her. She is so cuddly and sweet and I know these moments of nursing her quietly in the night- just her and I- are not going to last that long. She knows me, she waits for me. She likes me. And I like her.

*This weekend is set up to be a big yard work weekend. I am excited to see things start to take shape around here!

*We have a busy few weeks ahead with VBS planning, birthdays (I turn 30 in a month :( ), Noah traveling, our first tri of the year and Noah cooking for the senior banquet. And of course work. And the domestic tasks that never go away.

*Notice that I haven't finished the boy updates from a couple of weeks ago? Lincoln is the next one and he has had an interesting couple of months. It seems like so much to write about which is why I haven't yet. The school district is following him right now for speech therapy, but I have been spending time over the last couple days working on getting him into a private therapy situation ($$$) at least for the summer. It is going to be expensive and it is going to be very time intensive and right now it feels a little overwelming to me, although I do believe it is necessary.

*You don't realize until you have 4 kids how many appointments that means. We will probably have 8-10 well child check ups this year, Noah and my MD physicals, and 10 dental appointments. Then there will be the speech therapy, an occasional sick visit and maybe an eye appointment. Oh, and Berean will have to go to the podiatrist! Overwelming.

Well, it is a beautiful day and I got an on call for work, so I think it is time to head back out to the dirt, the weeds, the rocks, the rake and the shovels. At least one of those things is calling my name :)

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Johanna said...

busy life, Julie! full of really good things. hope you find yourself taking one day at a time and not stressing too much! if I were a speech therapist, i'd totally hook lincoln up...but I'm not. :/