Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Day in the Life

Wednesday morning I decided to put my work aside and muster up the energy to take the kids down to the park. We have always gone somewhere just about everyday, but I gotta tell you Berean's birth has caused me to slow down a bit. In fact there have been days since her birth that we haven't gone ANYWHERE. Pre Berean that was unheard of. AND if that wasn't lazy enough, today I DROVE all the kids down to the neighbors 1/2 mile away instead of walking. Now, in my defense it was mostly because it was near rush hour and the street gets pretty busy and unsafe, but STILL- that is not like me at all.
This is Deacon coming toward me on his bike. Yes, I LET him go a block and a half by himself. He went one way, we went the other and we met at the park. He did great.

Noah's bomber hat makes a fine winter helmet for the planet Hoth.

We got to the park and Roman took off his froggy backpack and promptly pulled out a pear. And a knife. That boy knows how to be prepared. I told him he couldn't eat it, however, because it was green. Then I put it in Berean's seat so that we would remember it.

The ritz crackers were very popular. In fact, the younger two were more interested in sitting on the picnic table waiting for snack time than they were in playing. I blame the winter clothes that they are wearing. They were probably too hot to play.

Yeah, he is cute.

Best friends. By the way, when I asked Lincoln who his friends were. He indicated Deacon and Roman. I love that.

Family shot.

After the park we had lunch. And then Berean, Lincoln and I went to Lincoln's 3 year old check up. In fact, since Berean had fallen asleep at the park and hadn't woken up yet, she had never even been taken out of her seat. We arrived at the clinic, checked in and went to sit down.
There was cute little girl sitting there and 2 women. We made some polite conversation and then I started doing some little activities with Lincoln. (Ok so I was actually just trying to finish up the Denver assessment thing I was supposed to fill out before I came).
Anyway, the one women thought he was so cute and was watching us with amusement. Then Lincoln went over and gave Berean a sweet kiss. There was a collective "ohhh, that is so sweet" from the waiting room. So Lincoln went back for another kiss. I was still looking at my paper. All of a sudden I heard a horrified, "He has a knife".
I looked up. Yes, it was true. Lincoln was in the waiting room of the doctor's office branishing a knife he had just pulled from his baby sister's carseat.
Remember the knife and pear I had thrown into the babies' seat? Somehow the pear had gotten removed, but the knife had remained.
And now the waiting room was horrifed.
I took it away from him, put it in my purse and mumbled something about the park and a pear.
I don't think my explanation helped.


Thia said...

Laughing at the knife story. How is baby B so big already?

Elise said...

So funny. I'm still laughing at the scene in the waiting room. Thanks for sharing!

Karla said...

they should have said a lightsaber...cause that is probably what it turned into, right?!?

mamafry said...

was it a butter knife?

The Three 22nds said... was just a butter big deal :)

mamafry said...

no kidding! it's funny how people react. i have 4 little boys and not much phases me...

Johanna said...

hilarious! i sometimes really wish i could live as a fly on the wall of your life...I would have awesome abs because I would laugh so much...but I have halfway awesome abs from laughing at this blog. thanks for contributing to my stunning physique! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I just heard another knife story. An 18 month old/a box cutter/dad sleeping on the couch/dad waking up on the couch because something was rubbing his neck:) Though we try to be careful knives are a part of life. Heidi