Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What To Do? (What I Did!)

It is morning! Lets see what got done!

Picture this: It is 6pm on a Tuesday. You are still waiting for your husband to get home from work. Still left on the list:

-Run 5 miles (went a fast 3 cuz I needed to be back before Noah left for broomball, I had walked 2 miles in the morning so we are calling this success)
-fold 6 loads of laundry (just have a couple stacks left to put away, child needed attention and I fell asleep while rocking)
-plant tomatoes (got this done and as a bonus met our new neighbor and set up compost bin)
-build fire pit (didn't build it but picked the spot and Noah and the boys hauled all the block out)
-mow backyard (picked up the yard so I can do this today)
-eat supper (we did eat, which is good because I forgot to feed the kids lunch yesterday)
-clean kitchen (Noah did this)
-family talent show (this did not happen)
-4 kids to bed (Noah helped with this. Lincoln was up 'til 11 since he had napped...)
-general tidying up (did this)
-answer emails (answered most time sensitive one)
-spend 15 minutes basement (nope)
-15 minutes office (nope)
-15 minutes garage (nope)
-search the bins for summer clothes for Berean, Lincoln and Deacon (nope)

What would you do? Which things would you do first? Do you see why my house never gets decluttered?


I'll let you know tomorrow what got done!


Thia said...

I squeeze a run in, even if it was not the full 5. Plant the tomatoes if there is time. Supper is a must. Kids to bed, find the summer clothes (b/c if your kids are like mine, it's easier to do without their help). Then settle in to answer emails and other quieter stuff...

Karla said...

I tried to comment on this...but I guess it didn't I don't remember what I was there is your comment(:

Johanna said...

food is top priority (i'm not sure if i've ever forgotten to eat a meal...put it off, definitely, but completely forgotten?)
and I love to do lists, so i usually put lots of things on them that I know i'll do so that i feel like i accomplished a lot!