Monday, February 1, 2010

Controversial Monday: Full Moon

Ahh, this will be a good one today, folks.

The full moon- does it really affect behavior?

Have you ever thought about where the word "Lunatic" comes from? Well, the root word is Luna, and Luna = Moon. I had never really thought about that before.

So is there a sliver of truth in those old myths?

I am a huge cynic, but I gotta tell you I think there is something with the moon.

My coworkers ,when I first started nursing, would talk about it being a "full moon" and us being "in for it". I laughed along, but it was more of a scoffing laugh. A "how can you be so naive" laugh.

And then I worked some nights surrounding the full moon.

These were not nights where as I drove in I thought, "it is a full moon tonight" and therefore set myself up for craziness. That is why I say it is not in my head.

These were nights where I left in the morning saying, "what was going on there? Why was everything and every patient so off?" And then maybe the next night I looked up at the sky and realized that the moon was full.

And I resisted making a corrolation. But it has just happened too much.

Now, the logical side of me does admit that prehaps it is just that the patients know about the moon and they have conditioned themselves to go off meds, drink, etc at those times.

Who knows?

All I know is there seems to be some truth in those old legends...

What do you think?


Thia said...

My mom is a nurse too and she always talked about the full moon effect. Now, we just did have a full moon and the kids did seem crazier, but there are other issues that could contribute, so I guess that's not very scientific.

Billi Jo said...

Whether this applies or not I think it gives some insight into the full moon phenomenon. We typically prompt our children that it is bedtime by pointing out the appearance of the moon and the stars in the dark sky. This last week my youngest has said several times, "No moon. Sun still up." During this time it has been so bright in our back yard that it has appeared as though it were merely a cloudy day, not the middle of the evening. If others are having a hard time discerning whether it is day or evening I could support that a full moon could produce bizarre behaviors in sleep deprived individuals.

Shannon said...


I also have had the same expirience as you .... the expirenced nurses talking about the elusive full moon; however, after a many nights in the ICU... well I am a believer! Great seeing you last night! Can't wait for the baby.....

Anonymous said...

The day I had emergency surgery it was a full moon. Our neighborhood hospital had no available beds and the surgeon was busy. We were routed 30 minutes away - with a day(s) old burst appendix.

As far as my mental health - I was a lot sweeter than normal. But I think that had to do with anesthesia and the constant care of a doting husband. Both are quite powerful! Heidi

Anonymous said...

On a side note...Nurses do everything! They did the work of dietary, CNA, and doctor. Cleaning, feeding, giving meds, bandage changes, and communication. I don't know what they make, but I am sure they are not overpaid.

Elise said...

The moon can affect the whole ocean, so why couldn't it affect our brains and moods?

Your brother said...

Well, any massive object can effect the oceans. The moon just happens to be the right size in the right place.

LS said...

My cycle has always fallen in with the moon's cycle so I believe in it! One friend that was having menstrual difficulties was ordered by her midwife to get more moonlight. I have had two kids on a full moon weekend too. So, I think it definitely has some kind of pull on our bodies.